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Well, There is soo much i could tell, and so much i cant because its been forgotten due one or two to many beer. But In the last few months i have Crossed the Atlantic ocean on a huge cargo ship, sailed through big storms and calm seas, Visited towns along the coasts of spain, france, and Italy, made friends, drank beer, been hospitalized for 2 nights! seen pompie, been to the legendary city of Rome, and so much more.

It would take me a lifetime to describe it all , but to sum it up its been another breathtaking experience. I have worked more hours then ever before , but working on a MegaYacht allowed/es me so a new place at least every week, somtimes every day.

I had never been to the Uk before and i guess i was very nieve to it. Coming from canada i just thought everything was modern in this world of ours..i didnt think about the age of kings. Its so amazing too see the old streets made from old chipped stones, and tall castles hundreds of years old, and little building built on such a high peaks you wonder how in the hell did they build it soo high..with no rodes! they must have had flying horses?????

Along the coast of italy...all the cities...are litterly built on a freaking cliff or mnt soo steep you wonder how the building dosn't just fall off, let alone how they built in the first place!!! But the culture is amazing, Italy has alot of poverty and dirty strees wich is sad..but i foudn that it has also the most impressivly dressed women ive ever seen, they have such style!! but haha the men could take afew tips from the ladies because they run around in pink and orange pants and pointy shoes, its funny too see somone who looks like ahhh, ahhh i dont know clown? walking down the street with some girl who should be on a bill board!!

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