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My favorite place for reading or spacing out.
Woke up just in time for "idli"s in breakfast. Everyone was feeling lazy and the weather wasn't all that fantastic either. So I decided to do some snorkelling on my own in the mini-reef closeby. It wasn't the best weather, being a bit rainy and cloudy.. the reef didn't brighten up as much without direct sunlight. But since the other folks were out relaxing and doing their own thing, I thought might as well swim.

I saw a big fat porcupine fish, and the 2 big lion fishes that I had seen earlier. The new thing I saw that day was a big black sea urchin with big spikes, and a sea anemone with really fat tentacles and a thick club-like ringed end on each tentacle. Saw some interesting looking triggerfish and some big fish with snout-like protrusion on their heads and some with a pointy protrusion (similar to a sword-fish but not as long). There was other interesting big shiny white fork-tailed fish that I spotted that day. Since the light wasn't too great I returned in an hour or so, and decided to take out a kayak.

The wind wasn't exactly calm and there was a decent current in the sea that made it hard to propel the kayak. I had to paddle hard and keep paddling to keep the kayak from drifting. At a certain point I was just resting when some 50 feet away a big head popped out from the water... I could make out the shape of a very big brown turtle with its spotted brown head floating out. It stayed up for a few seconds and vanished. I paddled the kayak forward a bit farther into the sea and saw another big head pop up in the distance. Tiring a bit I let the kayak drift diagonally toward the coast. Suddenly a smaller turtle surfaced not 20 feet from the kayak... I tried to follow it, but it didn't stay up more than 10 seconds, and dove down. An interesting experience seeing the turtle at so close.

After some more drifting and some resting I managed to tiredly pull the kayak onshore. The evening was lazy again, reading and just hanging about doing nothing. Come night and there was news of more delay of the ship and more headaches/discussions regarding rescheduling of return tickets. Plenty of drama and negotiations and pressure for the night.

-- Ashish Bhambhani
Devika1985 says:
luv the pic!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2007
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My favorite place for reading or s…
My favorite place for reading or …
photo by: ashishrb