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On the way to Kavaratti
After I woke up in the ship, the worst of the sea-sickness had passed by, but the sea was still rough and my head was feeling like it was jello... urrrp. I went out to check out the deck. The lower deck was mostly wet due to the spray from the waves colliding diagonally with the hull. After another tedious half day of dozing on and off and avoiding watching the "Chak De India" movie, finally spotted the outline of some distant land. LAND HO! indeed.

The ship took its own sweet time approaching the island, rotating a couple of times before finding a place to anchor. No respite inspite of halting, the ship continued to rock, making us more anxious to get off. Soon after noon, within a half hour of the ship stopping, we and our stuff were all loaded into a large boat, and off to the island's main jetty.
The hermit crab (that welcomed me) on the beach in Kavaratti.
The boat circled around the island's lagoon and unloaded us at the jetty. The friendly people of the resort packed us into a car and a half kilometer ride away on the beach we found ourselves at the "resort". The accomodation wasn't anything great, but then again being a backpacker I didn't mind at all. It was clean and organized enough. Besides the fabulous beach and island just make up for it easily!!

As soon as I got onto the beach, I could not believe my eyes... the sand was really WHITE.. and the water really a deep turquoise (aqua marine) blue! Never seen such a beach anywhere else in India so far. Fantabulous!! The wind, the sun, the freshness ... just what I needed... and in hours I had completely forgotten what I was doing for the last 2 years... right upto the last week.
View from the lunch shed next to the resort.
Ignorance really is bliss sometimes! I settled in quickly, changed and ran out barefeet to enjoy the feeling of the soft white "sand" in my feet. "Sand" in quotes since it really isn't silica.. the entire island is made of coral remains, so the beach is really covered with tiny pieces of coral and shell - white calcium carbonate - I believe.

Greetings from a sage...
I stepped out of my room onto the beach. The rooms were right next to the beach. Only to find a little shell moving around. I picked it up to find a critter quickly withdrawing into it. All there was to be seen were 2 tiny claws packed perfectly into the shell. It was just your regular cutesy hermit crab. I held it up for a while, and let the crab crawl out and over my palm right into the sand. I entertained myself with its antics and shyness for a while before letting the poor thing run along.

There was a large shed sort of structure under which we would be served our meals and sit around talking into the evenings in the nice sea breeze. We had a late-ish lunch, since food wouldn't go in while on the ship. Evening was just some mingling, reading and off to bed.

-- Ashish Bhambhani
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On the way to Kavaratti
On the way to Kavaratti
The hermit crab (that welcomed me)…
The hermit crab (that welcomed me…
View from the lunch shed next to t…
View from the lunch shed next to …
Island from a distance.
Island from a distance.
View from my room at the accomodat…
View from my room at the accomoda…
One side of the island
One side of the island
photo by: ashishrb