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This day again the weather wasn't at its best. The sun was intermittently hiding behind clouds, the wind was picking up on and off and consequently there was a decently strong current that hindered ease in snorkelling. Two of us went snorkelling that day, and the boat was taken much farther into the lagoon this time. The coral here was mostly a spiky kind, in big "garden" formations... brown spikes with purple tips. There was one area with lots of dead coral as well, and some area with dredging waste. But, like every time in the sea, I still saw new interesting species. This particular day I saw another big gray eel, and it wasn't as well concealed as the last one I had seen, so I spent some time observing it from a close distance. The area we were swimming this time was farther out so I guess thats why we saw more bigger kinds of fish. Of the bigger fish I saw - One more big lion-fish, big yellow-dark blue horizontally striped fish, a small shoal of pointy nosed gray fish (maybe wrasses), something that looked like a giant parrotfish, two fat brown camouflaged porcupine fish. At a certain area there was several large spider-conches spread sparsely, each grown over with something that looked like moss. All throughout this area there were several giant clams, most of them had blotched brown-black lips, but some had bright blotched purple-black lips.

In time, we drifted with the current towards the shore and wound up after maybe a couple of hours of swimming. The rest of the day was just relaxing as usual and gorging on the yummy local food the resort was feeding us.

-- Ashish Bhambhani
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photo by: ashishrb