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We walked for forty five minutes through the jungle
We came upon the most beautiful beach of all
The beach was deserted; there was no one in sight
The name of the beach was Wizard, and it was magic
We dipped our feet in the luke warm turquoise water
We sighed
We lay our sarongs on the white beach
The sand was fluffy, like marshmallows between our toes
We walked down to the sea and laid back on the water
We rest there, half on the shore for a while
We removed our bathing suits and stretched out in the sun
The warmth soaked through our skin, deep into our bodies
Our souls were free floating on the water
All was warm and tranquil

A cluster of girls walked down from the forest
They stopped on the beach about one hundred meters down
They stripped naked and pranced to the water
Their butts and boobs bouncing with each leap
We wondered if they saw us, but they didn’t
 We crawled on our hands, bodies floating, to them
Our bare butts shimmering in the soft sunlight
Our skin fresh, soft, shameless
Our flaws nonexistent
Our lives forgotten

We joined them in the water and laughed
We let our worries tumble out of our open mouths
The salt water stung our fresh eyes and tangled our free hair
We danced without struggle, without pain, naked in the water

And there was a point, when the wind picked up
And the women lay back on the water
And they extended their arms and legs
Their hands and feet pulling their limbs out from their core
And the waves rolled in, a steady pace
And I stood surrounded

By fourteen naked women floating
And rolling along, atop the waves
Bearing their breasts and their wombs
And the sea took them and attached to them
And the two became one that day
And the world stopped spinning
And I stood in awe
In glory
In hope

And I prayed to the gods of womanhood
And I felt the beauty

Lasttraveller says:
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Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
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photo by: txmissie