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View from the Castle.

We woke up for breakfast at 9am at the Hostel, ate the same time as the little school kids, and checked out of the Hostel by 10am.  However, after waiting at the village’s bus stop a little while after it was scheduled to run at 10:35am, I asked a local elderly lady that was walking her dog if the bus ran on Sundays… and it didn't!!  I told the crew, and we just laughed.  Just our luck, since it was 8km back to Mersch, to catch the train to Luxembourg City.  Everyone realized we would have to walk back, and I was kind of happy to do so.  I had previously imagined taking a nice scenic walk through the countryside of Europe, but hadn't expected getting the opportunity today.  As we began to walk back, I soon pulled away from the group by running down the mountain (even with my backpack) until the road flattened out.

The school kids at the castle and their funny hats.
  I enjoyed the remaining 6km walking alone, enjoying the scenery, taking pictures, thinking, and reading my handy French translation book.  At one point, I was followed by some curious cows, while walking next to the fence of their pasture.  That was pretty funny.  Overall, it was a simple but enjoyable trip.  We mainly went there because it was close and cheap. We did not want to activate our 2-month Eurail passes for all of Europe until next weekend.  Check out pictures here: <www.prism.gatech.edu/~gtg161x/pictures.html>

The group split up after we all arrived at the train station around 1pm.  Andrew, Ume, Megan, Jin Joo, and I went back to Luxembourg to catch a train to Metz.  We got back by 5pm and I took a 4 hour nap!!  Apparently it was a tiring weekend, but the two hour backpacking across the country of Luxembourg definitely helped, haha.  I don't know how, but the other part of the group had enough energy to see another castle in Luxembourg, which was once a city as far back as the 1400s.  Now it's the start of another week of classes…

roseblossom0866 says:
It's nice to see these comments about Hollenfels. I grew up at the Youth Hostel. My mother ran the place for 16 years....You brought me back to my childhood...playing around the castle...thanks for the pics!!! :)
Posted on: Feb 16, 2009
db7382 says:
I spent a month living in the chateau in Hollefels in 1990 with Children's International Summer Villages. I was the American Delegation leader of 4 eleven year olds. What a fantastic time! We hiked the same trail to Mersch as you and stopped to have lunch at a beautiful series of spring fed pools. It was fantastic to see you photo of the view from the hostel across the bridge to the chateau. I spent many mornings sitting on that wall enjoying the cool morning air. The view from the castle is the same view I had from my fourth floor bathroom.

I know this is an older posting, but am glad I stumbled across it. I am glad you appreciated the natural wonder that is the area surrounding Hollenfels and Mersch.

Don Baker
Posted on: Mar 13, 2008
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View from the Castle.
View from the Castle.
The school kids at the castle and …
The school kids at the castle and…
The cows that followed me...
The cows that followed me...
The pasture
The pasture
photo by: LaVesteJaune