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I love the cities. The chaos that's bigger than the one in my head sometimes. Crossing the streets in that special way of just walking and everyone will avoid you (if everything works out), being on the back of a motorbike surviving in trafic. The crouded places, but still some of those parks right in the centre of the city. Oases of rest and people walking, jogging, playing badminton. The only thing that gets to my nerves sometimes is; Want to buy a book...hasheeeeshhh. They really say this in a funny way, so as a matter of fact it is more funny annoying, what makes it more bareble again. You see how you can take everything with a positive sight? I'm happy I do! Also Saigon will only be for a few days, as we'll be leaving soon for Cambodia. Going to the border by bus, and there we take a 9 hour bout to Phnom Penn. Propably some more adventures will be waiting there for me, but to be honest, I'm looking forward to go to Thailand, as that will be the place I'll really take a rest. Try to stay at one place for a little longer, and recover from these first three months. Three months that were awsome, and that I'm very happy about. As I see it: I had the trip in the mountains, had to run away from the gem stone traiders, had a job in Kathmandu, had an earthquake in Kathmandu, saw one of my best friends back after one year, had a typhoon and floodings in Hoi An and still have a sour ass from the busrides. Well for the first three months that counts I think.
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