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Although I'm not into organised trips, I decided to take one to Halong Bay and Cat Ba island. It was a three day trip, which consisted of two day boat trip, spending one night at the boat, a little trekking and kayaking. Leaving from Hanoi to Halong City, I immediately saw the kind of mass-tourism that goes around here. Busses crossing the city, picking up tourists to go to one attraction or another. It's a good oiled machine, because while keeping to schedule, nobody got stressed. Arriving in the harbour at Halong City, the amount of boats waiting for passangers was uncountable. Waiting for passengers, but they were comming. Every boat would leave the harbour within a little while. When the boats leave the harbour, it feels like being in a procession, all the boats peacefully in a row. The only part that showed it were tourists on the move were the beer drinking people on top of the boats. Lunch at the boat, which I was a little affraid of, turned out to be enough, and...delicious. Seafood, rice, vegetables, peanuts, fruit...it were the ingredients that would be fed to us the next days. But damn it was good. It felt like an all you can eat buffet, and every time the peanuts won. DAMN PEANUTS!!!! After lunch there was the standard cave-visit. You walk in, walk out, and on the way you get some nice views. It's this part of those trips that terrifies me. But still here, there was no feeling of marching one behind the other, all like, I'm sorry I must say it, Chinese. The cave even gave some wonderful views inside and walking back from the cave I really got a few beautiful views at the bay. The bay contains over 2000 islands, that were created long-long time ago, when ice melted and flooded the place. What once were mountains, rising up from the ground, now are just peaks rising up from the water. It really gives some amazing views. After the cave thing, time was there to do some Kayaking, just paddling around, and after that swimming in the hot water. Since we Tenzin and me) had been talking about jumping from the roof of the boat, into the water don't worry, we felt like we had to do it. Brave I walked up to the roof, but once there...6/7 meters seems higher looking down than up. I think we stood there for 5 minutes just looking down, shivvering legs. We jumped after all, and again...amazing. Just flying in the air for like 2 seconds, hit the water. Writing it, it seems pretty pfffff, but I know at that time, my heart was beating so fast, it was one of those moments you would like to do again, because you only remember the nice parts of the rush in your blood. Dinner in the evening was another struggle with the peanuts, and after that it was relaxing at the roof of the boat, admiring the beatiful starry sky. Unfortunately the boats around us had karaoke parties (ours was broken, yiehaaaaa), and therefor there was a lot of noice, but still I had my fun as you here the people getting more and more drunk, wondering when I'd hear the first one fall in the water. It didn't happen.
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Halong Bay
photo by: miggitymax