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The next morning it was of tho Cat Ba island, bus time for 15 minutes, and arrive at a national park to do a little trekking. A trekking that wasn't reaaly tough, but it was nice to do a little excercise again. The trek brought us to the top af a mountain (250m), on which a watching tower was build. trekking up the mountain was easy, but I passed for the wtching tower. Too high for me, as I'm still a little affraid of hights. The view from the top of the mountain was good enough for me, hahahahahaha. Resting and waiting for the others when we got down again, I got to see my first snake here. A small long bastard of which I heared afterwarts it was poisoning. If I knew it at the moment...I don't think I would have gone so close to take a picture of it.Snakes are still like hights to me...don't feel good around them. Jamie, a man from New Zeeland, whome we met around here, is an adventures trekking guide and was really hoping to see some snakes around here. Well, I got to see it, but he got something reserved specially for himself. You'll read about it later in this blog. After being dropped of at the hotel on Cat Ba island, and having a peanut lunch, we were going for another boat float between the Cat Ba islands. To be honest, it's much more quiet and peaceful overthere as in Halong Bay. The simple reason for this is less boats. We decided to skip kayaking and head straight for the beach. Well, beach... To reach the beach, which had the size of a table tennis table, we had to jump of the boat, and swim to it. It might sound as if I was dissapointed, but in fact I wasn't. I'm not that much of a real beach boy, I'm just more into Gabriel Rios. The sun and fun were excellent over there. At least for me, loving the peace and quiet areas. Jumping into the water was done from the roof again, and I must say, still my heart was pumping harder when I was up there. Meanwhile on a bigger beach, not so far away, on an island called monkey island, Jamie was enjoying some special time with the monkeys. What happened? Some monkeys got into a fight, and the head monkey came out to show them of. As one of the monkeys didn't really listen to him, he came up to Jamie. Jamie, being an adventure travell guide, knows not to show his teeth to the monkey, as they see this as a sign of agression. With his camera bag he tried to get the monkey away from him, avoiding to look into his eyes. The head monkey came back again and send the little one away. Nice ending for Jamie, you might think, but then the monkey leader thought time was right also to teach Jamie a lesson. He took his leg, and bit him right above his ancle. Nice story, don't you think? Although most of you might have expected something more, to me it stays laughter after hearing the story over and over again. Not to forget, all the allusions that were made after Jamie bought bananas next day. Where we were supposed to leave the next day, we decided to stay an extra day. The extra day was spend walking around the beautiful harbour, and relaxing at a wonderful beach, where it was really quiet. Over the total day, I think 20 people have been there. Excellent! The rest I needed, bacause after almost two months, I'm starting to get tired inside my mind. All the new experiences, the new people, the new situations, like traffic for instance,... it's getting lots of my energy. It's good to have some easy days. Easy days well spend resting, as I still have a lot of time ahead of me.
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Cat Ba
photo by: ulysses