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Wednesday, september 19, I left Kathmandu for Pokhara. Pokhara, my favourite place in the world. Coming here didn't seem to be that easy on that day. During the trip that normally takes about 6 or 7 hours, we got held at a road block. It was a local demonstration from truckdrivers, and kept us there standing by the road for 6 hours. By the time we arrived in Pokhara, it was already dark, but the nice part was that at the roadblock I met a lot of people. One of them was Klaus, from Austria, and after we met again later that night, looking for something to eat, we got stuck on eachother and now we're walking, trekking, sitting around together for about 5 days. We're still discussing which one of us gets the other in these difficult, strange, shameful situations. Knowing me, you know he has to be the bad Karma. Together, we ended up lost in a forrest, without knowing we ended up in what has earned the name titibar already (which we left pretty quick), we ended up flying 700 meters above the ground in a paraglide, every day had something special and even amazing. As it may look like in the title of this page...Pokhara stole my heart. This isn't just now, Pokhara was one of the big reasonsm I wanted to come back to Nepal. The second day I surprised this beautiful Tibetan family with my appearence. I met them last year, because they were like family, no they are family, of one of my best friends. When they saw me again this year, it was like I haden't been away. They were so open, nice, friendly, caring, generous, they are really amazing. Every now and than I get by at their shop, and than we just talk, laugh, and enjoy a nice fresh juice. Walking around in Pokhara is also like walking in a heaven full of women. Really, the Nepali and the Tibetan women even more, are gorgeous. There is this one Tibetan girl that tricked me totally with her smile. I must admit that she tricked me, because after a while she opened up her backpack, and showed me her moving shop. After all, I'm proud to say that I didn't buy her whole shop, I didn't even buy anything (yet)! When I spend my money here in Pokhara, I mostly try to spend it on the Tibetans, because they are really people I feel close to my heart. Being self reluctant in this country, I really have a lot of respect for them, and they are also very friendly, hospital, and even generous. Anyone would open his or her house for you if they can help you with it. They try to sell you their handicrafts, but what makes it different from the millions of others that try to sell you their goods here is that they never become really pushy. Buying from them is partly like a game as much as selling to you is also like a game to them, I was told from someone who used to do it herself. They are really the nicest people I've ever met in this world. Later I will write aboput my experiences of the paragliding, and I will add some very nice pictures, but for now, I just wanted to make a brief update, because so many thing happen in one week. I hope everyone is feeling as well and happy as I do.
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photo by: Makkattack