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My time in Pokhara will soon be over. At least for this visit. I'll be here again in about 21 days, 21 days I will spend walking around Annapurna. The Annapurna Circuit is a trekking that is mostly known because of the Thorung La Pass, a pass at more than 5000m. The past few days I have seen a few people that had to come back early because of hight sickness. Others did it as if it was nothing, so I don't think about it to much. I'll see what it brings for me. My partner in this operation will be Orly, an Israelian woman which I admit is really pretty, but that's not the reason I asked her to join me. She just seems like a nice and calm person. Someone with maturity and very passionated to see the mountains. In my plan to come and live here in this wonderful town, there's a new dimension. One of the restaurants on the main road at Lakeside is...To Let. Actually it's just a rooftop which they made into an outdoor restaurant, but you have a nice view from up there. You can see the lake, and the hills behind the lake. It's not like I'm going to buy it immediately, but I must admit it's tempting. Yesterday I went to have a first look, and normally today I was going back to see the kitchen and talk about the price. Inform about the price is more correct. Namk went together over there with me, not only because it's easier having a Tibetan with you to buy a Tibetan restaurant from Tibetans, but also because he and his family are kind of my contacts here. They are such anice family, and invited me for lunch the other day. For the first time I ate meat again. Meat from a Buffalo, and I think it will happen more often around here. Not that I'm so crazy about it, but I think that when a family invites me for lunch or dinner, I think it's just a matter of being polite that I eat whatever they cook. BUT, the taste was good, she made it spicy, which makes everything here even better. That day I also got to meet Sange, the 2,5 year ols don of Lhundup and Tsewang. This little Buddha is so smart, it's unbelievable. He keeps repeating every word you say, until he made it part of his brain, and after that I really belive he knows the word, and even what it means. He's also very interested in Buddhistic rituals. The fun really starts when he takes a big towel and winds it around him as if he were a monk. The serenity that shows of this little man together with the child he is, it's like a promise for an interesting future. Honest, I've never seen a child like this before. It would really be amazing if one day, maybe the family and I could be in business together. Business which will propably not be turning only around money, but business with the main purpose to help the Tibetan people to improve their situation. I'm still crazy about Tibetan refugees and their villages here around Pokhara. If you want to know why, I think you just have to visit them with an open heart yourself, and propably you will be surprised about the things that happen, or don't happen.
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photo by: Makkattack