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Well, I'm back from the trekking. Where it was estimated to take 20 days, we finished the trip in 16. I'm not going to give a detailled treking summary here, but I can tell you it has been special. Propably it was the last time I do a trekking with a compagnion. I'm not judging over others, I'm just saying that when I'm up there, I really love the freedom to go my own speed, my own planning, and only thinking about my own physical abilities, because I must start believing that they are quite a lot when I'm surounded by my favourite mountains. Like last year, even when tireness strikes, every day I feel stronger and stronger. Where others seem to loose power every day, it was like I was absorbing it. Doing this trip together with someone I just met also made me realise a lot of things about myself. Re-realise sometimes, like the part where it's still difficult to think about others limitations, and specially respecting them. I really have this problem with physical weakness, I just can't stand it. To me it always looks like people saying they went all the way, just were making an effort, nothing more. It feels to me like many people don't really know what pain actually is. Ofcourse it's my opinion, but I think of myself more as a fighting character after this trip. I'm happy with that, but its not new to me that I can handle a lot of physical pain, on the contrary to emotional pain, which I'm much more affraid of. One person I met on the trip, left a deep impression on me. Dave, a 40 year old professor in fylossophy from the US of A. When we were together, it was like we were two 10 year ols kids, but man...did we have fun. His whole being left quite an impression on me, also the mature one. It feels like one of those people you meet and at once there is a connection. I think loosing him on the track, because we had to take an extra resting day, due to Orly's physical condition, was what made me a little more grumpy. As I realise that, it sounds stupid to myself, but that's the truth about what happened inside of me. You can't imagine my happiness when I bumped in to him on the streets of Pokhara after the trek. Ofcourse there wasn't only Dave we met on the trek. First of all there was Orly, my companion, ofcourse. What she taught me, propably without realising it, is that I really have to do this kind of trekking on my own, or maybe with an even mind. I think she being 21 and me 33 also made a difference. If I sound like bigheaded and being a smart ass right now, than I think you're reading this in the wrong atmosphere, because I'm not judging, I'm just discovering things about myself. Other people we met on the trail varied from old people, to newly weds, and ofcourse a lot of Israelies. A lot of Israelies take one year of after serving in the army, and before going to study. In my opinion, a lot of them are to young to experience the true values of such a trip, the true values of this side of the world. That's how I experienced a lot of them. Ofcourse there are not only the people, but even more some parts of the trek, or feelings on the trek I'll propably never forget. Getting stuck between the water and find my way out on the back of a donkey after I lost some weight during the trek was a nice but at some parts painful experience, Orly getting hit and run over by a running donkey was scary, crossing the pass at a hight over 5000 meter was cold, climbing at 4.30 am in the dark while it was snowing, looking down at all the headlights coming up the road. You'd almost forget there were people wearing the headlights. It was a nice game of the light playing with the snow. But ofcourse there were the magnificent views over the mountains as you could really see them getting closer and bigger every day. Actually we were getting closer, but that doesn't matter now. The trek was another unique experience, which I experienced at most considering my abilities. I've no regrets about any moment or desicion, so that makes me a happy man. Happy that it was part of my life, and happy to be back in Pokhara, which still feels like home to me. Now I'll propably spend another 11 days here, wondering around, relaxing and seeing people I love around here. Life is great and I'm part of it!!!
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photo by: Makkattack