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I don't remember Kathmandu being this much madness. Last year when I was here, I was with an organised group travell, so maybe that's also different, but how often you get adressed to for trekkings (everyone seems to have a trekking agency, or at least a brother with a trekking agency.
Arriving here, I was happy to be picked up at the airport by one of my Nepali friends, Bhim. Being my guide last year we stayed in contact and there he was. A good thing as finding the hotel wasn't that easy.
After finding the hotel, it soon seemed that it was a Belgian poulation at the hotel, and I don't meam only the guests. The staff also had a few Belgians and the man behind the bar, Bruno, seemd to be from the same town as I am. He left Belgium five years ago and has been country-and job-hopping ever since. At the hotel I got in touch with some other fellow Belgian people that live and work here. Very interesting, playing with the idea myself sometimes.
Being invited at Bhim's place for lunch prepared by his wife, was a very pleasant welcome on my first real day here. Knowing that I'm a big fan of Dhal Bath, I got to eat so much that I didn't need anything else that day, at risk of exploding.
Another person I met here is Govinda, a local trekking agent, whome is not trying to sell me anything, but we are talking for hours sometimes about opinions, ideas, in which we seem to be at the same level often.
Visiting Bodhnath again was one my top list when I planned coming back to Nepal, so I immediately dis the first day after having my lunch at Bhim's place. Bodhnath being the biggest Stupa in Nepal, and therefor a very important Buddhistic place. The serenity really has its impact on me.
December 14, 2007 was Teej here in Nepal. A hindu festival, also known as ladies festival. I went to Pashupatinat to see the amazing sight of thousands of women waiting in line to enter the big Shiva temple. Thousands of women is really a true figure. Women are waiting for hours, while on other places women are dancing, all on a day they are not eating or drinking anything. All this in honour of Shiva, praying for their husbands to have a long, happy and healthy life.
Meeting the Belgian people living and working here, in combination with meeting the local people after their working hours, so not commercial related, really gives a lot of extra to my trip, to my days. Govinda is a man I can talk to for hours. Last night we ended up closing the bar at midnight, agreeing on meeting again today in the mornig. We share a lot of the same ideas and our minds are in the same directions. Very nice when you're in a country far away from what you're used to. Those are the moments you do it for!
In this past days my emotions have already been true different stages. Being happy to be here, going over worries about what I'm doing here when everything seems to be different than the last time, passing real sadness seeing a man dying on the street (and I really mean this, I don't think he's alive as I write this) My emotions going true so many different stages in such a short time, it's wonderful, it's what I planned this trip for. 
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photo by: sharonburgher