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*****  Re-Construction Zone ***  Pardon me, but now that I have been with TravBuddy for a year, I have gone back on this blog and added many details that I left out originally.  The pictures are the same, the trip is the same, only the blog is different.  Lots of added happenings and fun or semi-interesting things that happened along the way.  Hope I don’t bore anyone.


For those of you who already know me and how anal I can be you should know that getting ready for a trip can take me at least two, three, or four times as long as the trip itself.  I find the enjoyment of the planning and doing all of the research nearly as much fun as the trip itself.  And I take advantage of every kind of research and data I can.  The internet usually does a wonderful job of assisting and can sometimes help save some money.  And after doing all of my own research I take my data to the Auto Club office for them to set up the reservations, and do the “trip tick”. 


For those that don’t know or are not familiar with this service, a “trip tick” is something that the Southern California Automobile Club does for its members.  They print it up when setting up a vacation of a few days or a couple hundred miles or more.  It’s like a personalized group of maps, with specific roads highlighted, and driving directions.  Sometimes it also includes little rather unknown facts about close locations.  For this trip, this little three inch by eight inch package held together with a spiral wire at one end, was about eight or ten pages.


Our first section would take us nearly due north along Highway 99 from just west of Visalia through Fresno, Madera, Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and then further north through Sacramento.  From Sacramento we head over to Interstate Route 5 and on north through Redding and Yreka and finally into Oregon.  Medford is only about 20 miles from the border.  This first section is about 525 miles and we feel it should take at least 8 hours to drive it. 


The next day will be another driving day and take us on north from Medford to Kent, Washington, as suburb of Seattle, which is about 435 miles and should take us about 7 hours.  It continues on Interstate 5 through Eugene, Salem, and Portland, before entering Washington.


In Kent we will be staying and visiting one of my wife’s cousins and her husband, who we have not seen for many years.  We planned a couple of days for visiting and sight seeing because we haven’t been to the great northwest before.  They have a very nice place with a little guest cottage, that he calls, “the poker room”.  Seems the guys go out there once a week and play cards and drink beer.  It’s a nice little one bedroom with a large kitchen small living room and a bathroom.  It’s all that my wife and I need for a couple of days.


After visiting Kent we will turn back south and stop in Portland for a chance to visit the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge.  This area is well known for have so many very large waterfalls, and they are all quite close together along a section of the river just east of Portland.


Springfield/Eugene is our next stop.  East of here is the Willamette National Forest and home of one of the most photographed waterfalls of all time.  It’s known as Proxy Falls, and you usually see close-up shots taken at the bottom of the falls with lots of moss and the heavy mist of the falls taken with a long timer to make the water look more like cotton candy.  I just have got to visit this one, even though I understand there is a short hike to get to it.  Somehow I will manage it.


From Eugene we’ll travel west to Florence and the coast and then south to Crescent City.  The Oregon and Northern California coastline is another thing we have not previously seen.


Next we’ll go further south to Eureka and then back east across the state following the Trinity River to Redding. We’ll spend one night in Redding and then on east through Lassen National Forest and then Susanville on our way to Reno.


We have a son in Reno and visit there fairly regularly.  This time we’ll spend two nights there so we can catch up on the news and try to win some money before heading home.


Then on back over to California and south to our home.

Chokk says:
I am absolutely opposite to you - I just go - and maybe I grab a lonely planet in the airport:D but I really enjoy it like this.
This is somewhat frustrating for my girlfriend and and friends - They never know where I am or where I am going - its only when I have bought a trip in advance or like my trips to Portugal(must) but I also the planners like you:D
Posted on: May 22, 2007
WaltJake says:
yep, I'm the same way! The planning and research of a trip is 3-4 times longer than the trip itself! (although research won't take as long now, now that I know about TravBuddy!)
Posted on: May 22, 2007
sunsetrosebud says:
Sounds like a great trip.
Posted on: May 21, 2007
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