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Well, yesterday, after going to Uni (Kinjo Gakuin University for girls') me and the two French girls went to a town called Sakae, which is personally my favourite place in Japan so far.

I'd been there twice before- once with my Japanese friend and once with an Australian girl. This was my first time without a knowledgable guide to help me.
When I'd gone with the Japanese girl, we'd gone to a department store with 100Y store on the top (100Y stores ARE THE BEST EVER). I wanted to try and find this place again.

First of all we exited the train station out of a random way and came out in the bus station. The buildings around were so nice and impressive. But nevertheless, I was lost already.
We made our way to somewhere that looked familliar and then stopped off at the robot museum.
It's so cool in there!

Then we tried to find the department store. Well, we got lost lots and lots. and lots. and lots.
There were loads of people giving free tissues away with adverts on them. I kept asking for directions and they'd give them to me then give me a handful of tissue packets.
One time, I was asking the tissue man and an English speaking Japanese passer-by came and asked what I needed. She answered very clearly and was a huge help. I still got tissues.
By the time we actually GOT there, my (rather large) handbag was FULL of tissue packets! I'll never have to buy a Kleenex again.

Anyway, to anyone who's reading this who are in Japan, please visit Sakae! It's HUGE and so cool. I haven't explored it to the full yet so hang in there and I'll give you some more tips and stories!

The 100Y in the department store is, by the way, called Style (I think) and is found;
Go to the robot museum and, when facing it, turn right. Go down that road (and cross to the other side) and it should be on your right. If you get lost too, ask the tissue people- they're VERY nice!
ys484 says:
Do you love Sakae and Omori? I'm a graduate of KGU:) So I know Sakae is very complicated not only the outdoors but also underground shopping arcades. Have fun!!
Posted on: Sep 29, 2007
Aopaq says:
I loved the tissue people in Japan but I always felt guilty because I had no idea what the advertisements said!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2007
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There was a photo shoot going on!
There was a photo shoot going on!
At the robot museum
At the robot museum
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