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So, now that we have actually settled into the dorms and classes have started, everything is getting to more of a routine.

There are four classes that I will take this Summer.  However, we only take one class at a time which is kind of nice.  The first class is a HTS class, History of Modern Asia.  We had our first day of class yesterday (Thursday).  There are 4 hours of class a day, 2 hours from 9-11 a.m. and then 2 hours from 2-4 p.m.  We are supposed to use the 3 hour block in the middle to eat and study, etc.

The first class doesn't seem that bad.  2 papers and 3 tests in 2 weeks...not totally unmanageable.  Before class, we all went down to the canteen and had the traditional breakfast of some kind of bread or bowsa, a kind of white steamed roll filled with different meats or vegetables.  We went to 2 hours of class, had lunch at a different canteen and then went and read for a couple of hours in the library before returning for the other 2 hours of class.

The schedule doesn't seem like it will be that bad.  I am loving the class only 4 days a week thing.  Amazing.  The engineering building is pretty cool.  We have to ride a bus to get there and then walk through a maze of buildings to get to the one we are looking for.  It is kinda neat though, when the ceiling is yellow it means that if you continue on this route you will connect to another building.  You can walk all over campus completely covered as long as you follow "the yellow brick ceiling" as some began to call it.  It seems so complicated to find even the classroom.  It takes about 10 minutes of walking through hallways from the bus stop.

The class seems interesting too.  It is nice to be able to learn about the region you are in and I haven't taken a history class in quite a while.  A lot more reading than I am used to though...

After class last night we all chilled out for about an hour and then went to eat at another canteen.  The canteens are so cheap!  You can get breakfast for about one American dollar and dinner is about 2 dollars.  It is a lot of food too, meat and rice and vegetables.  They have a bunch of different stands where you can get whatever kind of cuisine you want...thai, chinese, japanese, asian.  I think I will be sick of white rice in about a week.  We decided to go downtown to Orchard Road after dinner and try to get tickets to see the DaVinci Code.  Yes, I know you can see movies in the U.S. but pretty much everyone wanted to see the movie.  We took the metro downtown which consisted of taking a campus bus to a city bus to the metro where we had to change trains.  It took about an hour.  Taxis are a lot faster.  And not really very expensive.  Anyway, we got to Orchard Road which is the main shopping district in Singapore, kind of the main drag.  It reminded me a lot of Times Square with the huge crowds of people and the lights and the shopping.  Very clean, very nice and the malls were all really tall...most of them had escalators to a fifth or a sixth level.  We found tickets to the DaVinci Code but they were for midnight so we had about 2 hours to kill.  We found a bar and had a couple drinks and played darts while we waited and then saw the movie which was very good.  Apparently Singapore is one of the top movie watching nations in the world (according to my guidebook) and you could tell that in the theaters.  There were at least 400 people in our showing alone.  This isn't including the other 8 showings that were already sold out.  Movie ended at 2:30 so we got back to campus and passed out to wake up for class this morning at 9.  I can't believe we had class on a Saturday....

Anyway, main point is that I found a site that is pretty quick for downloading pictures....shutterfly!

Here is the link to my albums.  I'll post on here from now on.  These pictures are from the flight, of my room, orientation and touring campus, walking around in downtown, etc.


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