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Jaime the snake-charmer. He doesn't look scared at all.

Mmmm.  We had our second test today which was as fun as that could be and then headed off on a field trip to Sentosa Island, a very small island (about 17 miles long) off the southernmost part of Singapore.  Professor Zhou chartered a bus to take us there and it ended up being only about 20 minutes from campus.

Sentosa was a compilation of a couple things.  I think if you mixed certain aspects of Disney World (It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean) with Sea Island, you would pretty much get Sentosa.  Needless to say after that comparison, Sentosa was very clean, well kept and had amazing beaches.  The first thing we did was go into the Images of Singapore museum (the whole point of the trip).

  We have been learning a lot about Singapore in our history class and this trip was supposed to serve as a supplement.  The museum was very interactive, not at all like a typical museum with artifacts in glass cases.  Instead, the whole thing was a walk through Singapore's history with people dressed in different costumes and moving parts and pieces with music playing.  Nationalism is very big in Singapore because there are so many people from different cultures all living in one place.  The government has this huge push to have everyone unified under one flag, which is why the museum seemed a little bit like propaganda to some of us.  I am sure that every child age 5 and older goes through it at least the end you can't help but hum the song that plays most of the time.
No caption needed.
  After the museum, we had a pretty mellow day.  Lugeing (riding on cards down a hill), had dinner and then went over to the bar to meet the other half of the group.

The bar was great.  Right on the beach at the very southernmost point on the island (and thus the southernmost point in Asia).  We walked out over a bridge and climbed up in the towers in between daquiris.  Probably the most relaxing afternoon I have had in awhile.

Eventually, we headed over the the huge merlion in the center of Sentosa to see the laser/fountain show that shows every night.  It was amazing.  So much more than I was expecting.  The only other laser show I have seen is the one that shows at Stone Mountain which didn't compare at all to this one.  The storyline was pretty interesting..I think it showed a lot about the difference inbetween the cultures of America and Singapore.  The show was about some kind of animal that lived in a mystical world that wanted us and the host to come to the mystical world with him.  Very much a kid oriented theme...but done in a different way than it would have been here.

We took the skycar back to mainland Singapore.  It went right over the bay and the port and you could see the city all lit up at night.  A new view to the same city.

Altogether, the best class field trip I have ever been on!

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Jaime the snake-charmer.  He doesn…
Jaime the snake-charmer. He does…
No caption needed.
No caption needed.
photo by: easyjobrob