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The bus journey from Yichang was fine. Along highway mostly. Could have been driving down the motorway in England somewhere (admittedly on the wrongside of the road). It amused me every time we stopped in the middle of nowhere on such a main road to pick up people - people are not allowed to just wander about on the motorways at home. We managed to catch up on some sleep which was needed.

We arrived inWuhan by at 1200. Then made a mad dash across town in a taxi to some random hotel to pick up my train ticket and then another dash to the train station. Maria was with me on this mad caper. We were hoping she would be able to pick up a train ticket to Shanghai on the same train as me but we very much doubted it. The train left Wuhan at 1440, and we were still standing in the ticket queue at 1330! Anyway, trying to ask the cashier for the ticket just got a "what?"(And yes, I remember it as what rather the equivalent chinese word, so I produced my ticket and held it up to the window. It was the fastest issuing of a ticket we've ever experienced! Made us laugh a lot. On the same train. Yipee. So we headed off to pick up some food and go wait in the station were we got some chicken wings on a stick and some chicken legs. I wondered if we now getting stared at because we were westerners and had rucksacks or because of eating chicken with our fingers. Still having not eaten all day, the chicken tasted rather good.

The train itself was probably the best one I've been on in China. Very clean, cool and not really noisy. Maria and I were in different carriages but we met up when Maria arrived with some food purchased from the meals-on-wheels-cart. (Sorry to say I was abit engrossed in various suduko puzzles). As we ate there was quite a thunderstorm outside. Good lightening show. Thankfully we were inside.

Then time to clumsily fall into my bunk. Are bunks ever easy to get into? Be it a bunk-bed or a bunk in a train? Aghh..


Oh, Wuhan it a very large city. But then every town/city in China is huge....certainly coming from a little backwater like Belfast! Pretty much like other cities here. Didn't see anything I'd want to stop and stay to look around. It has the standard McDs,Pizza Huts,KFCs etc. Alot of hustle and bustle.

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photo by: FK27