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I like this fountain.

I never really went in for the whole "I'm gonna keep an online journal that everyone can read" thing.  But since I guess really the point of this site is to share experiences and feelings about places we visit, I'll give it a shot.

I came to Philadelphia, I guess it was the end of August, because I was cast in a production here of the show Dog Sees God.  I was pretty intent on performing in my show and then leaving.  I had a whole lot of personal baggage here that I don't want to get into now, and frankly I was a little annoyed to be leaving my family after having only been with them for 5 days.

Well rehearsals started up, and they were fun, I enjoyed the show and the people.

The beach. And that is me. I've cut my hair.
  And I got another job working at a bakery/ice cream parlor which has helped pad both my wallet and my stomach.  I started seeing Philly as really a very nice city.  I'm staying in a quiet little neighborhood in the NW but a 15 minute drive takes me into the heart of Center City.

There are some great beaches in the area, and I've gotten to a couple of them.  Actually, that was how I spent my first weekend here.  Much nicer then the beaches of MN.  Though Lake L'Homme Dieu is nice :-D

About a week and a half ago, we, some of the cast of DSG and I, went to a bar called Fox and Hound which we were delighted to discover has $2.50 pints on Tuesdays.  Of course the downside of that night was that I had apparently parked in a No Parking Zone and my car was towed.

Me after 18 miles on the bike the day after my car was towed.
  I had to figure out the Philadelphia transit system to get home.  It's actually very nice, except the train shuts down at midnight.  I spent the next day on a trek to retrieve the car.  I biked all the way to the towing station only to realize I had forgotten the car key at home and had to bike back and forth again to get it.  In all it was a 23 mile day, not bad, but again, working at the bakery has not left me in the finest of shape :-)

Last week a friend of mine from high school came through the city.  I finally took the opportunity to do some really touristy things.  We saw the liberty bell, independence hall, and had a drink at a colonial pub called City Tavern.  Then we hit South Street and went to Jim's for Cheese Steak.  Thank you Christine (Irish4rocks) for that advice!

Anyway, as I said, I'm new to this, and I kinda rambled.  If anyone who reads this wants to give me some advice on improving my blogging technique, don't be shy.  I welcome constructive critisism.

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I like this fountain.
I like this fountain.
The beach.  And that is me.  Ive …
The beach. And that is me. I've…
Me after 18 miles on the bike the …
Me after 18 miles on the bike the…
ME and Jacqueline in the city.
ME and Jacqueline in the city.