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Sun rice chips and what I think are chocolate muffins

Well, the guidebooks warned me about walking in Beijing, especially crossing streets.  Walking can be fun because of various obstacles (and I need to watch out...if I wreck my ankle, I'm done).  Then there's crossing the street... oh yeah, I want a helmet and full crash protection gear.  It didn't take me long to figure out how to cross with my limbs intact, especially since Beijing drivers don't believe in the whole "safe in the crosswalk" thing I got used to back in New England.  Some cars got a little close, but I'm still whole.

Then there was the grocery store...

I went to see how I'd managed, and yup, it's going to be fun.  First I set off some kind of alarm walking IN to the store, but the guy didn't move, so I went on my merry way.  I found a Kit Kat bar (easy enough, it actually said Kit Kat on it).  Oreos did too, but I had to guess at the kind, but there was a picture.  Then there were the Sun Rice Chips which aren't too great, but they're edible.  I'll let you know about the muffins, though I'm pretty sure they're chocolate.  Sprite and Fanta I could figure out easy enough from the bottle color and label colors on the bottle.

And that's it for now...

taralynnj4 says:
I am proud of you Robin! Hang in there chica, you are doing great and much better than I would be doing... you haven't even mentioned the rice wine yet! I'd be bombed for sure!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2007
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Sun rice chips and what I think ar…
Sun rice chips and what I think a…
Sprite, Fanta, Kit Kat and Oreos
Sprite, Fanta, Kit Kat and Oreos
photo by: Deats