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I got into Qingdao yesterday afternoon... and I had the window seat!  *waaaaahhhh*  I don't like window seats, but as the flight was pretty full, I didn't have a choice.  Since it was only an hour, no food, just drink.  I'd fallen asleep during the flight and the landing woke me up!  The airport was standard, and I took a bus to the center of town.  Then I took a taxi (and, man, did I ever get jacked!  60RMB for something that should've been only about 20-25.  Live and learn.) to the hotel.  On the way, the driver had me talk to someone and that person said that the driver said the hotel wasn't good and I should choose another one.  Well, I didn't know another one, and as the driver was scamming me, I wasn't about to take his word for it.
Now THAT's a bottle of beer

The hotel is right by the beach, but I don't have the ocean view.  I'll review the hotel later.  I ate dinner in the hotel restaurant after tearing myself away from the Internet- HuffPo and Countdown.  Some seafood and Chinese cabbage later, it was time for more Internet. 

Today was the reason why I came to Qingdao- to tour the Tsing Tao brewery.  I was on my own, no tour but signs were in English.  At the end, I got a free glass of raw beer.  It did throw me for a loop like in Plzen, but it was good.  But I also had significantly more in Plzen too...  Lunch was a restaurant on the street.  I picked out a crab and what looked like small clams, and a pitcher of beer.  I had asked for a small beer... I got a pitcher.  Oh boy.  But the food was good.

From there, back to the hotel for a nap, then to take a walk to the beach and the pier.  The wind, the waves- and the chatter of Chinese.  Then to hike up to a Catholic Church I couldn't enter... then back to the hotel for some Daily Show, Colbert Report and Countdown.
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Now THATs a bottle of beer
Now THAT's a bottle of beer
back in 03... 1903 that is
back in '03... 1903 that is
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I'm wondering what's so mystic ab…
Sing it with me!  99 bottles of b…
Sing it with me! "99 bottles of …
my raw beer and peanuts
my raw beer and peanuts
Tsing Tao at the White House
Tsing Tao at the White House
Tsing Tao at Neuschwanstein
Tsing Tao at Neuschwanstein
Yup.  Beer street.  Awesome.
Yup. Beer street. Awesome.
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