Parents- Day 6- Washout! and Day 7- Departure Day

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Rain!  And not just a little.  It was coming down pretty hard.  My parents last full day in Beijing and we couldn’t do much of anything.  The Zoo is mostly outdoors, and while we’d done the Prague Zoo in the rain, it wasn’t a steady downpour like it was today.  So instead of meeting Librette at the Zoo, we all went out to the Western side together.  Our first stop was a market near the Fuchengmen metro station, where after quite a while, I bought two tea sets (one for my grandmother and one for myself) and Mom got a cool tea mug.  They also got chopsticks for themselves and for friends of theirs, and Mom got some Chinese purses (I got the bigger ones, they come in sets of 5).  Once that was all done, we went to dinner and then it was on home where they got packed for the most part.

Monday was bittersweet.  I knew they had to leave for the States, but I didn’t want them to go.  I missed them a lot and it was great to have them here.  So I took them to Grandma’s Kitchen for a nice breakfast (they’re first and last meals in Beijing were at Grandma’s Kitchen).  From there, we were at the apartment for a little while, then it was off to the airport.  It was an okay ride there, a few traffic accidents to be seen, and our driver went to the wrong terminal.  But we got there alright, and I got them to the Customs check before they could actually check-in.  From there, we said our goodbyes (and yes there were tears) and I saw them into the check-in area.  Then I was off home.  I took the shuttlebus back to SoHo, where after stopping at Jenny Lou’s, I went home to start unpacking the suitcase they left for me.
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photo by: Deats