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I was at a stop on the trail on Huashan and decided to shoot this video.

Okay, so not the whole thing.  We'll get to that later.

It was an early start since the bus was supposed to leave at 8am.  Breakfast started at 7am, and we were all there around then.  Then it was time for the bus...that didn't leave until 9! :(

Since Paula and Wandi were leaving that day, they went to see the Terracotta Warriors, so it was just Librette, Donald, Jan and myself.  Librette got three seats in the back, where we sat with Donald a few rows ahead.  Jan was in the middle, so me and Librette got a pillow! ;)  And I had my MP3 player, and this trip was soundtracked by a lot of Mike Shinoda, I Am the Avalanche, and some random things from my 80s and stuff playlists.

We finally made it, and then we waited for quite a while.  During that time, I bought batteries, gloves for the chain rope, and a map.  Then, after a little food, we were on our way to the minibus that would take us to the gondola that took us over the hardest parts.  We got separated on the bus, but got back together for the gondola.  Nice views, but still quite enclosed.  At the top of the gondola, we started the hike.  Beautiful views and beautiful weather, couldn't ask for much more.  We got to the chain rope, where I slowly made my way up.  We ended up hiking for quite a while before I quit and let them continue.  While I waited, I people-watched and took some photos.  Then they came back and we began our descent.

My two problems with Huashan (it is a touristy place), the trails are quite narrow in places, and they don't handle lines well.  The queue to get back on the gondola going down was a near riot!  But we made it down, including the minibus, in one piece.  Then it was dinner and a long ride back (as we were leaving more than 2 hours late!).  I didn't sleep at all, but my music was going, so that was a bonus.  We didn't really eat dinner when we got back as we'd eaten at the bottom of the mountain.  But Jan, Librette and I headed to Starbucks where I had my usual banana bread and a tea and a chocolate muffin to go...

Day 2- complete!

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