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There's nothing like three hours of sitting in your economy-class airplane seat... while the plane sits on the tarmac.  That was my fate for Saturday night as Jon, Christina, and me were trying to get to South Korea.  They started a movie, and of course it had to be one I'd already seen and didn't like.  When it first started, I said, "Oh, this looks familiar, but I forgot what..."  Then a minute or two later, the title appeared- Dragonball Evolution.  I would quote the word I used to express my dislike of this particular title, but I'll be good and not.  Use your imaginations.  So we suffered through part of it while eating our dinner still sitting on the tarmac.

In the middle of the movie (more toward the end), the movie stopped and we finally took off... 3 hours later.  Our 6:10pm flight turned into a 9:15pm flight.  Once in the air, we got to finish the movie... and they started it again.  Because, appartently, once wasn't enough.  But this is when the flight got soundtracked by my MP3 player.  The rest of the flight was normal, we landed, went through passport control, nobody cared that I didn't have a visa since I'm only here for a week, we got our bags, went through customs with no problems, and got in a taxi for our long ride to Suwon (it's about an hour or so from the airport to where Jon and Christina live).  $150 later (hey, what can ya do when the plane's so late that the bus and metro stop working?) we arrived at their apartment.  I got to meet my bed around 2am.  Yippee, skippy.
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photo by: Morle