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My new favorite bookstore.

Quite the ominous title, huh?  Okay, I didn’t spend more money than God…but then again, does He even have money???

I’ll start at the beginning, which was Sunday night.  After some discussion (and me being at the school for more than twelve hours), Daniel and I decided to meet at McDonald’s at 9 the following morning to go Halloween costume shopping with Scarlett and Jenny (students).  Well, we met (minus Jenny since she was working), had breakfast, and took a taxi to Chongwenmen.  We had to wait for the mall to open since we got there before ten, so we waited while giggling and me and Daniel wondering what a Water Bar was…

The first place we went to didn’t have much…nothing I liked and could wear anyway.  There was another place that seemed to have more, including a few things hanging up outside, but it wasn’t open.

The Malls at Oriental Plaza- expensive!
  Scarlett talked to the owner since the number was posted, and was told that maybe in the afternoon the shop would be open.  So after looking around more and meeting Jenny, we went across town to somewhere near Haidan to a warehouse with two floors and lots of shops.   After Daniel and I checked out some ridiculously expensive (but hey, we’re foreigners- they always jack up the price for us) bags, we looked at more wedding dresses than I ever wanted to see.  Daniel got the idea for a wig, and ended up trying on a blue one that didn’t look too bad except for the bangs, but he didn’t get it.  I bought some cheap jewelry to wear with my costume and a tiara.

No one should be surprised there.  Actually, that’s my second one, my first I got at Wal-Mart.

So we ended up heading back to the school since Daniel had to teach.

  Jenny went back to work while Scarlett and I went to lunch- hotpot.  Wasn’t bad once I got a hang of the chopsticks.  It’s a new experience every time.

For anyone who’s seen the Criminal Minds episode “A Real Rain” from the first season, I can identify with Dr. Reid.  He said something about eating with chopsticks being like “foraging for food with two number two pencils.”

After that, it was back to the school for a few minutes before heading up Nan Saniltun to find the Bookworm (bookstore).  Finally found it, no board games but I did buy a book.  Surprise, surprise.  On the way back to the school I bought a shirt and a pair of pants.  Probably paid more for the pants than I should’ve…but I did need them.

  I was only back at the school for a few minutes before being informed by Daniel that Jenny was going back to the mall, so I tagged along.  Not open- again.  So we headed back and I finally left for good. 

It wasn’t until almost midnight that I got a text from Daniel saying we were meeting at 9 again…same place.  I go there early since I needed to use the ATM, then I paced for a while before Scarlett came, and at about quarter after Daniel called and said to go east (so  I just turned right, which is what he wanted).  We finally found him in a taxi, then we picked up Jenny and then it was off to…somewhere.  We ended up at a shop that Jenny found, where we looked around and Jenny bought stuff, Scarlett tried on stuff, and me and Daniel poked around.


From there it was back to the mall, and the store was open.  For a while I didn’t think they’d have anything for me, but I found something.  It just needs to be altered a little b/c the back is really long and I’m afraid someone’s going to step on it and me crash and burn.  Daniel also found something, so we’ll pick them up tomorrow (hopefully).  After that, it was off to lunch at a Mexican place.  We shared nachos, Mexican pizza and the girls each had a quesadilla (Daniel didn’t want any, by then we were all pretty much stuffed).   So Daniel and I got our things to go and we left.  It was back to the school were Scarlett rushed to her class, Jenny went back to work and I hung around with Daniel a little, checking things out.

Then I went off to Wangfujing where I spent more money than God.  There was more going on there than I’m used to, so I just looked around before heading inside.  While I was looking at some books, a girl approached me.  Now, I’m all for being courteous and polite, but the more she said that we should go have tea…yeah, I remember those warnings.  I’ve read too many warnings about going to teahouses with strangers.  They’ll leave you with a bill of 1000 yuan or more that you have to end up paying.  So she followed me up to the third floor (hey, I’m polite and she wasn’t picking up on the subtle hints I was leaving).  I started browsing the teaching books and finally she got bored of me and left. 

Love it, chalk one up to the nerd.

So I stayed for quite a while, remembered to ask about Daniel’s book, and then left with my luggage.  Then I went home and wrote this blog before doing laundry and watching a movie.  Yup, I lead an exciting life.


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My new favorite bookstore.
My new favorite bookstore.
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