Having a cold, finding a Staples and then my first trip to IKEA

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Tuesday- 2nd of two days off.  So when my throat started to hurt that night, I was a little cranky.  The next day was rainy and cool, and I couldn't find a cab...even in Jianwai Soho (I live near there, lots of stores and offices, ergo, lots of cabs).  So I ended up taking the subway in, even though I was feeling kinda lousy.  I got to the school early enough and found out that no one booked my class, so I had the time free.  Daniel was also in early, and after some conversing (and him telling me a few times that I needed to see a doctor...), I was on my way to the hospital to get checked out by Cindy (a student who is a nurse).  There were the prerequisite questions, a little blood taken, and also my temperature.  I had a cold.  So after some Tylenol and antibiotics later (I know, I know...antibiotics for a cold?)  We went right back to the school, though Daniel had been talking about breakfast.

That came in a form of a strawberry yogurt and the English muffin from Daniel's McDonalds breakfast.  The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to do some work in the office of the sales people since the teachers' room was full and the door is constantly opening/closing letting in cold outside air.  The sales office was nice and warm and not chaotic.  So I drank plenty of warm water, relaxed the best I could and had some soup for lunch at a restaurant in the same building as the school.  And I missed the staff meeting, so bonus.  I did teach my class, then got "kicked" out to go home and get plenty of rest.  I was also instructed not to be early the next day since I pretty much always am.  I ended up teaching all of my classes the next day, though I came in early b/c I switched with someone, but that meant I got out much earlier since I wasn't supposed to be out until 9:30 (I left around 6).

Friday was shopping day!!  We knew there was a Staples in Beijing... and all I wanted was index cards.  The only one I "knew" of was outside of the 5th Ring Road which is pretty far away... then Scarlett talked to someone and told me that there was a Staples much closer.  Daniel texted me in the AM and he ended up picking me up from the apartment, then we found our way to Staples.  It's in Soho New Town (different than my Soho but not too far).  It was roughly the size of a closet and held just about as much.  Then we went to a stationary place near the school...I struck out on index cards again. 

And then we went to IKEA.  Daniel and Scarlett had been there before, so I was the only IKEA "virgin".  It was like being in a wonderland.  I had a great time!!  I saw bunches of stuff that I wanted, including a sofa and a bookshelf (my one main reason for being there- I have lots of books and nowhere to put them).  We also had lunch there, I didn't get much since I still wasn't that hungry.  While we were in line for food, we saw Brian and Jennifer (two new teachers from California).  I mentioned something about singing It's a Small World.

The only thing I bought at IKEA was a small package of cookies that I'm sharing with Daniel and Scarlett.

And today is Monday- day #1 of two days off.  And the most exciting thing I've done all day today is watch TV over the internet.  I lead such an exciting life...

CrazyLisa says:
Wow an Ikea virgin huh?? I love Ikea. I could spend so much money in there. haha. Hope the drugs kicked in and you're feeling much better!
Posted on: Nov 19, 2007
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