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Yup, Fork village.  Said so on a sign on the bus that we were taking to Suwon station, as Jon so kindly pointed out.  But no, we weren't actually going to a fork village- it's a folk village.  It's not too far from Suwon station, maybe 30 minutes.  And we got the free shuttle there!  Entrance was expensive (12,000 won) compared to other sites (between 1000-3000 won), but still not so bad- only about $9.80 USD.  For anyone who's been to Sturbridge Village in MA, this is kinda the Korean version.  Except that Korea's goes back further than Sturbridge since Korea has a much longer history. 

We stopped by some of the houses, saw a cow (it looked sad though), and found the exhibition area.  That's what we did for most of hour 2 hours there.  We came in the dance exhibition, which was amazing.  There were people with long ribbons on top of their hats and used their heads to twirl the ribbons.  The second was the tightrope act, cool but I had expected a bit more.  Third was the horses.  Now, I don't like horses up-close, but I do like them from a distance.  And the tricks these people were doing with the horses- whoa.  Amazing. 

Since the last free shuttle back to Suwon station left at 5, that's all we had time for.  But it was a lot of fun, and anyone going to Seoul/Suwon should go.
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photo by: Morle