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This is the last holiday for a while, as there's nothing over the summer 'til September.  I had Friday off due to it being my day of naturally (I have Friday/Saturday off now), and then Saturday-Monday as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.  Don't ask me what it's about, I don't know.  I was able to leave early Thursday since another teacher took my last class (I'd taken one of his on Wednesday), and I didn't end up going to bed until late..and so didn't get up Friday 'til noon.  I actually did make myself somewhat useful, just by cleaning up a little, and then going to the post office and Carrefour. 

I'm glad I remembered my Jenny Lou's cloth bag, I needed it as well as my backpack.  In some kind of environmental effort before the Olivepics (Olympics, there's a joke there somewhere), Beijing has a new rule- If you go to a store (ie Supermarket, even 7-11) and want a plastic bag, you must pay for it.  And I'm not about to pay for a plastic bag if I have perfectly good cloth bags of my own.  So that was that and I went home for a little while.  Then I went out to a Russian restaurant with some friends (looking for Polish food, I know...).  But I found some stuff (and damn...those apple pancakes were really good... and so were the potato dumplings that were quite like pierogies... must go back for more).

Saturday was nothing exciting, though I did try to take the bus to IKEA.  But I couldn't find it along the bus route that I thought it was on, so I just ended up back home (going to the local supermarket since I didn't get everything at Carrefour).  And once I was in, I was in for the night.  But I had Monty Python and the Holy Grail to keep me company.  And as much as I wanted to, I couldn't stay up to watch the opener of Euro Cup 2008, Czech vs. Switzerland- as I was sleepy and had to get up really early the following morning.

6am came way too early Sunday.  But I got up and got ready.  Daniel picked me up and we made our way with some students across the city to a place near Fragrant Hills... to play laser tag!  And as much fun as it was while it lasted, I didn't appreciate the whole mountain climbing thing as I'd made it clear Friday night when we were planning this that I had no desire to climb a mountain.  And then there was the whole in itchy camo clothes thing that also aggravated me (it was also plenty hot in those too).  But with 0 shots and 0 times shot after the first round, then climbing the bloody mountain and then 3 shots and 5 times shot... I wanted to head back. 

It was fun, and I'm glad I went, but I was still cranky.  But the ride back was okay (after having some problems with direction) and then we got to Soho and ate lunch at Grandma's Kitchen.  For only ordering two waffles, it took them forever (Hell, I could've gone down and made them so much faster).  But eventually I got them, and afterwards, it was off to DQ for an ice cream that's still sitting in my freezer (I meant to eat it last night, but I decided to save it for the Torchwood marathon that's planned for this afternoon). 

That's it for my exciting holiday.  The rest has just been TV, internet and various cleaning...

Yeah, I wasn't up for being very social this holiday.  But then again, when am I ever...

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photo by: Deats