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At about 2:30, I was sitting in the teachers' room at school, working on something when I suddenly felt really dizzy and just plain real sick.  So bad, that I thought if I stood, I'd pass out.  I knew it wasn't because I was hungry, I'd eaten recently.  But then it passed and I was fine.  Then Daniel came in and said we had to evacuate, that we'd just had an earthquake.  I kinda looked at him funny because when I think of earthquakes, I think of shaking.  But he was serious, so I got up and we outside for all of 10 seconds.  No one else was really outside, so I went back in.  It wasn't until my face-to-face class that I jumped on (my student and I were talking about it) and realized how bad it was. 

For those who aren't familiar with China's layout, Beijing is in the northeast.  The earthquake was centered around Chegdu, more than 1000 miles away.  It registered 7.9 and was felt as far away as Thailand, Hong Kong and Pakistan.  And as China is still a developing country, and the Western part of the country isn't as wealthy as the eastern part (they have Beijing and Shanghai), it really devastated that region.  So please, please, please, keep those people in your thoughts and prayers.

TRE69 says:
Robin...glad to hear that you are OK!:P
Posted on: May 15, 2008
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