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Kites at the park by the Drum Tower, Xi'An

Before we get started, you'll notice a lack of pictures.  My evil camera ate them all and I haven't figured out how to get them back, nor have I gotten any from the others yet.

Morning came early on the train, as I'd slept on and off all night, and I hear I wasn't the only one.  But I slept well enough, we wound our way out of the train station, and eventually found a couple of taxis to take us to the hotel (there were six of us).  Upon check-in, we found out that one room had been canceled, so we each got another roommate for the night since Wandi and Paula were only staying one night.  After getting settled and cleaned up in the room, we went back down to pay for our two excursions (tours to Huashan and Terracotta Warriors).  Then we left for the Muslim Quarter and food!  We walked down the main road of the Muslim Quarter and found a cool restaurant.  I really liked the sweet & sour fish and the veggie platter!  After lunch, we went to the Great Mosque, which was really cool!!  It had a lot of buildings, and entryways.  There was also a prayer of somesort, but I couldn't understand it.  And the best part, we got in free!

After a short walk around the market, me and Jan went looking for snacks to bring back to Beijing (I'd promised someone...) and then batteries for his camera.  We ended up meeting Donald and going to the Bell & Drum Towers, and then going to that ancient Chinese haven called Starbucks (you had to be there, I think.  Joke with Jan).  So an iced mocha and a warmed banana bread later, we were on our way back to the hotel.  At least it wasn't a far walk!

Between the two towers, we went through the park with the flowers and kites.  There were pictures.  :(

Then it was dinner and another SB run.  Me and Librette didn't care for the dumplings, so we ended up at McD's.  Yes, we go all the way to Xi'An and eat at McD's...

Day 1- complete!

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Kites at the park by the Drum Tow…
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