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Went to Peru with four of my girlfriends…. a French, a Colombian & an American girl… plus me a Mutt!


Our route of conquering: Los Angeles to Lima to Huanuco to Cuzco to Machu Pichu to Amazons to Lima to Los Angeles!


HUANUCO 12/24/05 ��" 12/28/05


I spent Xmas there… I got to meet my mom’s family.


The hardest part for me in this entire trip for sure for sure was going to the cemetery… ya that was bad!  Seeing the tomb of my favorite 2 aunts was heartbreaking and just a deep heart pain. But all in all it was a good trip for me, I was finally able to conquer my fears! I confronted the bad vibes I had inside of me and I think I can finally say that USA is my home now… TIVO! IPODS! 405 & 10 TRAFFIC & PEDESTRIANS LAWS!!!


We went to Tingo Maria (eyebrow of the jungle) where we went to the Cave of Owls freaky place… huge ants and insects it was creepily great! The drive there was an adventure of its own… Pascale (French) was in tears because it was terrifying I guess ��" 110mph on a winding road could make your skin crawl but I am used to it hehehe. The switch from Sierra to Jungle is unbelievable; the views are so heart melting!

We also did a few Ruins (Kotosh) and we went to an awesome little village called HUACAR where we found this zoo/petting zoo kind of with wild animals. We all got to hang with Jacinto the funniest monkey ever!!! He pulled Marilyn’s (Colombian) hair and pooped in her hand then went and pulled Aryn’s (American) hair but with Pascale he was calm and quiet and sat with her as if she was his mommy.


Huanuco as a whole is an overpopulated city now a days, all the poor people came down from the mountains in search for work so you get to see a lot of rural people that have taken the old country and have made it even poorer then before.


My grandma’s house was adorable though… OMG she hasn’t changed! And then they ask where did I get my temper??? We all tried guinea pig… I don’t recommend trying it ON YOUR FIRST DAY we all got sick some worst then others.


For the less religious ones we went to like 4 masses in 4 days hahahahhahhaha I feel bad for Marilyn!

We also had the pleasure of meeting my uncle the priest Oswaldo. He is so talented and kind and sweet and holy…. Such a good man! This uncle of mine, has built 2 orphanages (boys & girls) a school, a seminary & an asylum for the old and forgotten. My family has helped him reach his goal and it is quite impressive what passion, determination and kindness can do for someone…and the change you can make in the world. No wonder Pope John Paul II gave him a blessing!!! We are so proud!


CUSCO & RUINS 12/29/05 ��" 1/2/06


WOW I love this city! So artistic and mellow, the weather not too shabby. People were nice… yes I loved this place! My favorite place in fact… the streets are beautifully ancient and artistic. The people so kind and helpful. Night life is definitely happening.


In Cuzco city, we went to 4 sets of ruins… Sacsayhuaman (sexy woman), Ollaytaytambo, Pisac & Chinchero or something like that. I can say that our times got nothing on the Incas. They were brainiacs! So talented and mysterious! Amazing!





New Years was celebrated in this Machu Pichu village called Aguas Calientes… We climbed Machu Pichu on the 31st and WOW! Amazing Inca City! We were amazed by the architecture and the views!!!! All four of us we sort of got separated which was good cuz we all got to have our own adventure. Marilyn and I we had fun trying to get the llamas to spit at Marilyn (since I was filming hahaha) then we finally got chased by 2 llamas and Marilyn and I almost sharted in our pants! Hahhahahha


New Years came so fast, all four of us despite our tired bones we went to dinner and had a wonderful meal, Aryn managed AGAIN to brake a few hearts, I changed clothes in front of everyone and on stage (who the hell wears a sweater to a nightclub????) Thanks to Paula (New Yorker we met) who gave me a tank top I was able to shake my skeleton a lil longer without melting away. We all met interesting ppl… we danced till 2 am and over slept till 8am hahahhahhaa.


On the 1st we all went to Huayna Pichu where Marilyn, Aryn and I climbed a gazillion stairs to reach the top of the mountain… I HATE STAIRS! The view was so worth every freaking stair though’. The positive vibes that you get from this place is so unbelievable. The positive energy takes a hold of you and when you start coming back down you can’t help but smile well until you see another set of stairs hahahhaha… Aryn and I had a moment hugging our rocks!!! NO MORE STAIRS BOYCOTT!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR


We took the longest train ride ever back to Cusco. Back at the apartment Marilyn was kind enough to wash my clothes since she feared I turn them all pink but sadly we all fell asleep and I had to take wet clothes to the Amazons the next day…


IQUITOS/AMAZONS 12/2/06 ��" 12/05/06


I hate mosquitoes!!!!!! They are head to head with my hate for vegetables!


Aside from that, the Amazons is a MUST SEE for everyone… just taking that boat ride from Iquitos into the Amazons and watching the change of soil and the tropical look of it all was just heart stopping! Can’t think of a better place to be on the New Year!  Last year was beautiful Hawaii and this year is the Amazons… God truly knows how to spoil little old me!


The Sinchicuy lodge was beautiful, the food was awesome!!!! The cabins where perfect and yes I want a hammock in my room!!!! Why doesn’t North America adopt the idea of a SIESTA???? Too busy making a dollar GRRRRRRRRRRR


So over all it was awesome… we had our nature walk. We met the Yaguas Indians. 40 years ago or so they were Cannibals that killed people and used to shrink their heads now they entertain you with their dances and the kids become little piranhas that want everything you have… thank God for GUM at least once I gave them some they gave up on the idea of taking my ears so they can have my earrings hehehehee. I was able to bring home a blow gun/flute they usually use this item to kill their prey… it was fun! All of us were able to hit our targets except Marilyn… hahhahahha!


We also met a witch doctor and we all took a shot of whatever potion he made (7 roots and honey and sugar cane juice) Aryn, Marilyn and I wanted the entire bottle… oh wait we all bought a few hahahhaa then the Sugar Cane… we were very much like little kids with candy WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE!!!! Yummy!!!!


Then we had awesome lunch and yes the siesta in the hammocks … what a life!!!!! Then we cleaned up and went to another walk then dinner and finally the night canoe ride through the amazons… I brought my flashlight cuz I’m a chicken shit. But thanks to this couple the Chipmunk and the Snorer we weren’t able to really stay quiet enough in the canoe to fully experience the mysterious amazons.


We went back to the Lodge where the bartender spooked us with his spirit stories… Pascale was so terrified that she wanted to sleep in the bathroom hehehee. Aryn, Marilyn and I were determined to go see the witch doctor to do a cleansing of some sort then after hearing the side effects we sort of chickened out (diarrhea and vomit for 20 minutes then hallucination for 3 hours… don’t think I wanted to do it after all) so we all went to bed scare shitless from all the ghost stories… thank God for my lil ipod that got me through the night listening to Barb Streisand and not LA PELONA!


The following day was yet another long ass walk!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR freaking mosquitoes feasted with my delicious blood! GRRRRRRRRRRRR crush them!!!! It was very mellow and unadventurous… but still nonetheless AMAZING!!!! We did go fishing… no one really caught anything except Rene and me… I caught an EL DORADO tiny fish and for 3 seconds a lil piranha but lil sucka took my meat and swam away!!! Grrrrrrrrr after a wonderful dinner we were all feeling musical and took over the lodge and sang till late that night were the thunderstorms wanted to join in and we all made wonderful music together… yes a perfect day!


The last day was awesome!!!! Aryn, Marilyn and I went to another nature walk in pursue of the snake man and his zoo. The “Snake Man” is this gentleman who lives deep into the jungle and basically saves animals that poachers  tried to kill and tries to give these animals asylum from these awful people. Our guide was this kid of no more then 9 years old. We found it after a 45 minute walk inside the jungle and we got to play with a baby anaconda, Aryn got attacked by a Boa Constrictor, Monkey found her long lost child finally (a fruit monkey the size of my palm!!!!)They look so perfect like mother and child… the tiniest monkey ever hahahhaa. Then Aryn found her child…the ugliest monkey ever (Spider Monkey)!!! And of course I found my temperamental child a baby Jaguar/Ocelot! We were meant for each other… I was able to carry him and play with him and he would make his Jaguar noises and bite my arm and fingers it was so awesome!!!! It made me miss my Tiger (My Siamese). Then we met the Prehistoric Turtle Mata something…. Ugly lil thing, then we touched a white alligator and the friendliest sloth ever!!!! Aryn wanted to take him home… We also saw Mama Anaconda… it was soooooooooo huge!!! Scary! Can you imagine running into one of those?

So my baby Ocelot’s story: He was about 3 months old… sharp little teeth he has. Well his mother was killed by a f***ing poacher and baby Ocelot was malnourished so Snake Man took him in and brought him back to health. Marilyn’s fruit monkey was left by his mother so Snake man did the same thing, took him in and walks around in a leash so Mr. Boa Constrictor doesn’t get to it LMAO! And Aryn’s ugly daughter… the Spider Monkey. She freaking bites!!! Except Aryn… hence why she adopted her as her mother. Well Spider monkey was shot by a hunter and I guess he missed… the hunter shot her arm so now the poor little thing has to manage on 2 legs, her strong ass tail and one arm to survive. She is doing amazing!!!


The other animals… same story basically! The Yagua Indians should start hunting the hunters!! But I leave that to their discretion lol. oh yes that was a perfect day until we got back…


Well to get to this zoo thing we have to go over this bridge that was made by a log and you gotta be careful… well my shoe was wet and I felt slipping, I saw this little bamboo sticking up so I grabbed on to it for dear life but my body was not gonna be supported by such a slender stick, so like in movies and in slow motion I fell into a pool of whatever water that was… Marilyn of course cracking up and Aryn taking pictures JOJO was pissed!!!! But after a cold shower I passed out till our boat was ready to head back to Iquitos to go back to Lima.


LIMA 1/5/06 - 1/8/06


My favorite part of the entire trip has to be my last 2 days in Lima… my little cousins made my trip worthwhile… yes I loved the adventures and the craziness and the packing and unpacking of my over packing but just sitting in my old living room hanging with my cousins and laughing uncontrollably and eating home made Popsicles was the best part of it all. Valeria’s sweetness, Paolo’s cockiness, Diego’s smartness, Ayumi’s talent, Akemi’s beauty and Mariano’s tinyness were the best part of my 16 days in Peru. Just laughing and making up games and eating KFC was awesome! They brought that tenderness back into my life, I was not afraid of been mushy and I was soooooo freaking mushy I surprised myself how mushy I can be WOW! Hahhahaha… then we ended the last day with a beach day… amazing beach called SILENCIO (Silence) white sand and crystal clear and we had a blast with our water guns and of course I had no bathing suit on so me and my nakedness were body slamming the waves!!! Then of course Ms Marilyn is so anti-beach we cornered her and we got her with jeans and all into the ocean water… we had so much fun!!! PURRRRRRRFECT ENDING to this amazing adventure!


If you ask me, if I will be going back any time soon?? … all I gotta say is HELL YEAH!!!!!


Hope you enjoyed the read… I am still a little choppy with my English after only talking 16 days in Castilian and trying to adopt the Peruvian accent as my own… Si señorita with my chuyo in hand!!!! Hahahhahhahaha






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