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Today I didn't have speech till 9 which was AMAZING...we normally have it at 8. So Emily and I slept in till 8:45 and walked downstairs to class. I love having class in the villa! We never get up till 10 minutes before class then we just roll out of bed, wash our face, and walk down there. We only had two classes today...speech and humanities but I'm not in the humanities class, so after speech I went back to bed till lunch. For lunch today we had a food tasting at the villa. Our cooks made several different kinds of appetizers and a couple of different desserts. Everything was delicious, of course; our cooks are wonderful. After we tried everything, we were done for the day and free to do whatever but I didn't want to do anything because it has been raining and it is nasty outside so I just went to the room and sleep till dinner!!! lol it felt so good! Tonight I didn't really care for the pasta but we had some good chicken and it is probably better that I took a night off from pasta.....I don't want to come back too fat :) Other than the food tasting today, it was very low key. We have a vocab quiz, a chapter test, and homework due tomorrow so after dinner everyone studied and all that fun stuff.

Today we bought our plane tickets for our first free travel...we will hop on a train to Rome, then catch a flight to Barcelona. Spend a couple of days there, find a way to Madrid, then we will hop on another train to Paris and spend some time there! So EXCITING! We leave in 20 days!!!! We don't know how we are going to get back from Paris to the villa yet but we were looking at some flight prices today and it is very expensive to fly out of Paris so we may just take a trail to a different airport or just all the way to Florence, depending on how long of a trip it would be.
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