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Is there anything more satisfying than being able to take a big black Sharpie to cross off items on your To Do list?  Anyone?......Anyone?......Bueller? 

Okay, so really there are many things much more satisfying, like chocolate and feather blankets and other things we won't get into, BUT you do have to admit those big Sharpie lines do make you kinda happy. is my list from the last post, but since this text editor won't let me do strikethroughs I've indicated completed tasts in red:

A few things currently in progress to get Quarter Life Crisis Trip 08 off and running:
  • Finalizing and booking my Around the World ticket through Airtreks.  It's a little scary to put all your travels and a lot of your money into a company you can't visit except on the web, however, I have been working with a nice guy there who seems to be on the ball.
I didn't end up booking with Airtreks afterall because I found I could get the same rates and better ones in other places.  Instead I booked through my local STA Agency and it makes me feel a lot better to be able to stop in there and talk to someone in person. 
  • Making the final decision about which tour company to book with for my time in New Zealand.  There are basically two: Contiki and Connections Adventures.  I'm leaning toward Connections right now because they have a "Guaranteed Departure" on the date I want to book, and I've heard Contiki has a reputation for cancelling or postponing tours that don't have enough people.  If any one has had any experience with either of these groups, I welcome your input.
I went with Connections Adventures and will be doing the Grand Kiwi Reverse tour starting in Christchurch, NZ on February 10th.  I was also able to book this through my STA Agent, Moira.  She's been very helpful and nice, so if you're in the Boston area and are looking to book some travels  I recommend the Newbury Street STA.
  • Pricing traveler's insurance plans.  Just started on this, so not much to report yet.
Also got this through STA and not at a bad price either.  I think it's cheaper than the insurance plan I have through work.

Other things I need to do:
  • Buy a new digital camera (any suggestions for a small, high zoom and pixel one?).
  • Buy a good all-weather jacket (looking into The North Face rain ones).
  • Find out what plug adapters I'll need for the countries I'll be in (I'm planning on taking my laptop).
I haven't bought them yet, but at least I know what I need.
  • Get a multitude of imunizations.  Yippee!  What's more fun than catching typoid on your own? Purposely getting it injected into your arm (or maybe your ass)!
I am now protected against Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Menengitis, and I also have presctiptions for anti-Malaria drugs.  Luckily there were no shots in the ass.

Not a bad start I have to say.  Admittedly there are many more things on my actual To Do lists, but I feel like I've gotten a lot of the really important and/or time-sensitive things out of the way.

Oooh, I also finally found a little black dress to take with me.  I've been searching for one because I think it's the perfect thing to have to dress up or down for whatever occassion I may encounter during my travels.  The one I found was on sale at GAP and it's a cotton blend that shouldn't wrinkle much and will be cute with a small black heal (which I am also searching for) or just flip flops.

OK, girly time is over.

Over and out from Somerville.

Rambling on...

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