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Glass factory in southern Okinawa.
Not every day of a month-long stay somewhere can be drop-dead exciting.  Nor does it have to been when you can afford the time to take your time.  Therefore, I bring you what will forever be known as our Doo-Dangler Day.  Basically, it's a day we set out to get somewhere and do some things and never quite made it, but nevertheless managed to get at least one thing accomplished. 

The initial plan was to drive south of Naha city and go to the Peace Memorial Park located right on the southern tip of the island.  The first strike against this goal was the weather - cloudy and threatening rain.  We figured the day might improve though so we stuck to the plan.  We drove for quite a while, following the signs.
Artist making a traditional Shisha dragon statue.
  Then we lost the signs.  Turned around.  Found them again.  Missed one.  Ended up driving through a neighborhood of winding hills and old-style Okinawan houses - very interesting view.  We found the signs again and as we got closer and closer it started to rain more.  And then we got hungry and thought maybe we'd eat somewhere first.  So, we finally found the park and then promptly drove right by.  Instead of the park and even instead of eating we found a strange looking building that turned out to be a glass factory.  "Free!" the sign said.  "Let's go!" we said. 

The glass factory (the name of which I didn't catch), was a huge building covered entirely in colorful glass tiles that made mosaics on the walls.  At the beginning there were workers blowing glass for people to watch.
Totally worth it.
  Inside there were other artists crafting Shisa-dogs and a very large shopping area that sold all their glass products, specialty foods and other touristy things.  Here is where we reached the pinnacle of our Doo-Dangler Day. 

If you've ever seen Japanese girls with cell phones you've probably noticed the colorful tassles and charms they have hanging from them.  Apparently, in Japan, you are totally not cool without one and wherever you go there are cell phone charms to be found.  And since Nicole bought me a cell phone to use while in Japan, the first order of business was to make sure my cell phone was in with the in-crowd.  Enter the Doo-Dangler - what Nicole has dubbed these cell phone charms and the only thing we accomplished this entire day.  Yup, we bought doo-danglers.  We set out to learn and experience the Okinawan culture and all we had to show for it was doo-danglers.  It was a good day.

So, the next time you have a day you don't quite accomplish anything you expected, but feel it wasn't a totally wasted experience, chalk it up to a  Doo-Dangler Day.  Like they say, it's the journey, not the destination that can be the most exciting part of life, and sometimes it's a shiny new doo-dangler.
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Glass factory in southern Okinawa.
Glass factory in southern Okinawa.
Artist making a traditional Shisha…
Artist making a traditional Shish…
Totally worth it.
Totally worth it.
photo by: Chariot13