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What Ms. Lady NEEDS…

I am sure that most of you on MySpace have figured out that I tend to change my screen name as often as most of you change your underwear.  However, in all reality, my name only changes when my scenery changes.  So, I thought I’d throw all of the things that Ms. Lady has needed in the past year in one handy dandy chart.

Ms. Lady Needs…



A Cocktail and a Sammich

Crazy hag outside Bounce

May 2007

Jello-O Shots and an Aspirin

Put-In-Bay, Ohio

June 2007

A Shower and a Hug


June 2007

Golf Cleats and Bourbon Punch

Tacky Country Club

August 2007

A Bonnet and a Bayonet

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

August 2007

A Tour of Miller and A Chunk of Cheddar

Ripon, Wisconsin

September 2007

An Escape Route

Flippin’ Michigan

September 2007

An Orange Vest and a Rifle

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

September 2007

A Riding Crop and a Mint Julep

Danville, Kentucky

October 2007

A Mr. Pibb and a 3-Way

Cincinnati, Ohio

October 2007

A Southern Accent and a Hoop Skirt

Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 2007

An Oil Change and a Car Wash

Cleveland, Ohio

November 2007

A Walker and an AARP Card

My 31st Birthday

December 2007

A Dreidel and a Yarmulke


January 2008

Shoes and New Luggage

Gearing up to roll-out

January 2008

Shocks & Struts!

Drive to PA

February 2008

A Seat on the Crazy Train

Caricatures of Carlisle

February 2008

A Man (or two) in Uniform

Virginia Military Institute

February 2008

To Get Out Da Hood


February 2008

To Tee Off at 8AM, thanks!

Golf Capital of Tennessee

March 2008

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photo by: ErikaMont