The Graeter Skyline

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Miles Traveled:  433                                              

Roads Traveled: US-22W, SR-453S, I-99S, SR-66S, I-70W, I-470W, I-70W(again), 1-270S, I-71S, I-275W, I-74E

Time  on the Road: 7.5 Hours                                                        

Tanks of Gas:  1.5                                                                        

States Crossed: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio                                                 

CD’s Listened to: OutKast, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, Flogging Molly and The Gorillaz                                                                                                   

The Graeter Skyline

(If you need an explanation on the title then you are not from Southern Ohio.)

The Drive

               For a brief moment while driving on SR-66 through Pennsylvania, I noted an exit sign that seemed a bit odd at first glance.  It was for California.  The next one was for Indiana and a bit further down the road was Washington.  Then my moment of some-timers disease (sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t) ended and I realized that the signs were not for the States, but for cities in Pennsylvania.  Made so much sense all of a sudden.  For being a usually intelligent and/or smart individual, that was not one such a stellar use of intellect and deduction skills.       

I now proudly present a few more amusing warnings courtesy of the great marketers of PennDot.

“Buckle-Up…Next Million Miles or So”

“Slow Down!  Bridge May Be Icy (But, you knew that)”

“Tailgating Only Belongs At The Stadium”

Other than the above mentioned road signs not much happened on this boring stretch from from one “Tucky” to the other (Pennsyl-tucky to Cinci-tucky.) 

The Town

Yet again, I feel that a bit of Pit Stop Poetry is in order.

Tiny tot turning three.

Temper tantrums testing me.

Birthday has come and birthday has gone.

Tis time for the adults to go out ‘til dawn.

Skyline calls to me in my inebriated state.

Alas, it is closed and left-overs seal my fate.

UC Homecoming beckons and we lose the game.

We were ranked 15 in the nation.  Ain’t that a shame?

Saturday night proves interesting indeed.

Holy Grail, Beer Pong and Greed.

What is it that awakens me at 6 in the morning?

A three-year old bawling without warning.

She calms down and all is well.

A new college calls clear as a bell.

I am off to Kentucky where education pays.

I admit it only now that I miss my BearCat Days.


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photo by: vulindlela