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Miles Traveled: 280                                

Roads Traveled: US-11S, US-60E, I-81S, I-77S, I-485SW                                        

Time on the Road: 4.5 hours              

States Crossed: Virginia & North Carolina                                                       

Tanks of Gas:   .8                           

CD’s Listened to:  Freaky Flow, Beastie Boys & Outkast                                                                                                      

You Down With CLT? Yeah, You Know Me!

The Drive

               The drive was the same, you know trees, roads, fields, mountains, lakes etc.  I did meet an interesting character at a Love’s Truck stop.  I don’t know his name, but I did watch him for about 15 minutes.  He was the most obsessive-compulsive trucker I have ever seen.  I was baffled as I watched him count out exactly 21 packets of white sugar onto the countertop and put them into 7 piles of 3.  He picked up and tore each packet individually and carefully shook out the contents of the packets one by one into his 12 oz. coffee.  After the shaking, he placed each torn part of the packet into the remaining larger half of the packet and stacked them up on his left hand side.  Finally, he opened 7 creamers and lined them up in a row on the countertop.  After removing the entire foil top and placing the tops in their own pile on the left hand side, he picked up each one individually and emptied the creamer into the coffee.  Uh, WOW! Is all I can say.  Mind you, I did not intentionally mean to stare, but he was taking up the entire coffee condiment area as he performed his intricate Java Ceremony.  And I thought that my table-top cleaning at Denny’s was annoying.

The Town

               For a slight change of pace, I am proud to present another edition of Pit-Stop Poetry.  I give you, a weekend’s worth of fun and games in Haiku.

Sunny, sixty-six

She giggles wildly at text

We have a laugh, too


The purchase by Brad

New Beamer, garage only

Can’t park in public


Bon Jovi ballads

Meaningful finger pointing

Front seat rocking out


Margaritas call

Zapatas translates to shoes

Rocks, Frozen? No matter


He is on a “date”

She only smokes when she drinks

One song per album


Cocktails and board games

Mexican Train rocks my world

Emphatic, “Jackpot!”


Indie films gone good

The Blair Witch, Swingers and Clerks

See, they don’t all suck



A Church-going lesbian

Big head, small Saturn


Turf war on the field

Ethnicities strike a deal

Soccer on Sunday


As there is no cure

It is about suppression

Herpes?  It’s my fault




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photo by: spocklogic