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ok, so i am comming up to my last few days in london and reflecting on some of teh awesome stuff that I have done since I gave been Here. I decided to go travelling five months back sine i lost my last job, and the same evening booked a flight back to the United Kingdom, London with air Berlin for around 150 euros, that was the cheapiest that I could find. Anyway, with a small budget I headed to london the next day flying from Hannover - Stansted then a two hour trin ride to central london. I checked into an awesome hostel in London Bridge (st Christophers.) It's an awesome place, where there is allways a party going on, and the staff are young and want to help you and make your stay great, Plus there is different themed parties on everynight.

It didn't take long before around a month a blew my bedget. Ok it didnt help that there was a bar in a a place that your staying.

I Decided fast that i needed a job. Thanks for that one. I managed to find a work for a small landscaping company in chigwell essex, the pay was carp but it helped me pay my way and save some money. Anyway, i moved into another cheaper and queiter hostel the was to be honest a dump. I lasted three weeks before moving to the Generator. ive stayed there before. Its a great hostel. It can take upto 845 guests, has a bar and with thet many women your tru to be able to score. I had a great time staying there and made some awesome freinds both travellers, and staff who work there!! Thanks guys. Anyway, the building is old but  the inside is funky and retro and  a a great vibe.

I found out later that it use to house the single men of london policemen before it was a hostel, oh an guys stay off the third floor. Its suppose to be haunted!!!

I enjoyed some stuff while I wasnt working. I saw monument, thats stands 311 feet, the precise distance from the memmorial to pidding lane where the fire of london started at a bakers. you go in pay two pund and head a small and i mean small never ending spiral staircase that leads you to the viewing point, man im tellign you some of the views you get up the of london are out of this world,also on yoru way down you get a certificate, ok cheesy I know. But atleast something to hang in your toilet right? It was in London that i dated a girl called kim that I meet at St christophers Inn, great girl thanks for our time together.

Anyway, i did the usual siteseeing stuff, Tower of london, River cruise, National gallery, National Science Musuem, Tate Modern, london bridge, Tower Bridge ( I actually saw it open.) done the big tour bus, madam tussards, london zoo ( saw my brother in the monkey cage.) and a huge amount of other things.

i have had some awesome parties along the way, got hooked on karaoke, getting naked on stage. Ok, i did three times while i was at the generator. Won quize night three times in a row, upagainst some knowledgable brains around the world. See dad i am smart!! been to two wicked theme parties at the gen including a beach party and a carnival party (will post the pics later, a must see.) I even ended up working as a door assistant to save money for free accom and food at the gen.

So in review as i look back at my time in london. I have meet and saidgoodbye to some pretty awesome people. Got hooked on vegimite thanks to you antopedians, laid around 9 girls. (true, thats not using the sex rule.) you all know what that is. Drunk about 400 pints of lager and not sure of the amount of tequila that I had drunk. Managed not to get shot, arrested, mugged, stabbed and tattoed.  In total london was awesome and even though the end is near, and comming to close on this adventure, im looking forward to my next adventure thats due to start in Dundee, Scotland.

Peace out folks.


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