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 This is the most important and splendid temple in WuTai Mountain, Shanxi, China. It lasted for more than 1000 years, and still standing there. Only the color of the name faded.

I tell you something, so you can learn from it.

For the ancient architectures, including Forbidden City, you can see their level through its eaves.

Normally, some temples, even Forbidden City, there are a few animals on the eaves. They all have a meaning, which symbolizes a lot of things, happiness, blessing from God, or else.

The more decorations or animals it has, the more noble the architecutre is. For example, Forbidden City, it shall have 9 animals there, then in the whole China, only emperer enjoys this kind of this rank.



This temple is mainly protected by one Budhisattva.In total, 4 Budhisattavas in China, and they are sacrificed in 4 different religious places. One is here.


That is the very standard building, with a shaman wearing that kind of suit. In front of the door, the censer is used for burning incense to beg God's bless.


You need to get down on your knees and pray sincerely,haha


How do u feel about this?Nice, right?

It was made of bronze, before, the color is a kind of green as its material.There is a saying, Golden cover for buddist things will bring good luck to the world beyond death.

That is why many people devote things to paint real gold on it.


To me, I like its nature color more, as that is tested and full of history.

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photo by: Holeydel