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So we got our morning off rolling with some breakfast at our hotel's restaurant and then hit the street to go book a kayaking and snorkeling day trip.  After hearing it from the tour operator about how I should have booked it the day before when I was talking to her, she coordinated the kayaks, snorkeling gear, life vests, and lunch in just over an hour.  Not bad for last minute preparations.  We hauled all of the supplies and ourselves on a long tail boat which dropped us off at Koh Poda.  After getting setup, six of us shoved off in three two-person sea kayaks for our adventure.  After kayaking way longer than the map said it would take - apparently we are slow kayakers - we made our way to the first stop.  It was a small island behind Koh Poda which had a sandbar that connected it to a large rock and Chicken Island.  You could almost walk to Chicken Island from where we beached on the sandbar, which is a pretty long way.

After ditching our kayaks, we hit the water for some snorkeling.  There wasn't too much in the way of amazing coral, but there was some decent stuff to look at under the water.  We swam around there for about half an hour before getting back in the kayaks and heading to another little beach for some snorkeling.  This second place had nothing to see.  Everything was dead, and to top it off we swam through what we later found out was a pool of jellyfish larvae.  Oh man did that sting.  We promptly got out of the water and decided that was enough of swimming over there.  After pouring water all over ourselves to alleviate the burning, we decided to kayak back to Koh Poda and go swimming and snorkeling around there.

So after what I can only describe as brutally frustrating and demoralizing, we finally kayaked our way back to Koh Poda.  The distance wasn't that far, but we were such crappy kayakers that it took forever and at times it felt like we weren't moving at all.  I think I should only kayak for shorter periods of time.  All day is not for me.  Anyways, after catching a late lunch on the beach we jumped back in the water for some snorkeling just off of Koh Poda.  This was the best coral of the day.  There were all kinds of fish and nice walls of coral to swim into.  I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted, though because I again swam through some jellyfish larvae.  I couldn't take the stinging so I bailed and just threw the football on the beach until it was time to head back.

Back in Ao Nang, we freshened up and met up with some more friends of ours who had just made it to the town and went out for dinner and some drinks.  After most of them went home, a few of us went to another bar and proceeded to have the best game of Jinga ever.  I swear it lasted for 45 minutes.  I ran into one of the girls from the tour place we did our kayaking trip through and hung out with her for a bit.  I even managed to find the one disco in Ao Nang, and that was pretty cool.  I finally managed to drag my tail home and was sure to regret the 8:15 am pickup for the ferry to Koh Phi Phi the next morning.
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Ao Nang
photo by: findmeabeach