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This morning the four of us headed out to the airport in Bangkok to fly down to Krabi.  The trip down was pretty uneventful, with the exception of getting slightly molested by the man - that's right, a man - doing security at the gate.  After I put all of my stuff on the x-ray machine belt, he came over to pat me down - before I even walked through the metal detector!  After patting me down with a little wry smile on his face, he proceeded to give me a hug.  After pushing him off of me, I managed to get myself back together and make it through the metal detector.

After landing in Krabi, we took our bungalow van to Ao Nang - about a 40 minute drive.  We stayed at Wannas Place right on the waterfront in Ao Nang.  The place is not too shabby.  The rooms had A/C and a shower with a tub, not to mention a double bed - all for 950 Baht ($28 US) per night.

With the bags dropped off at the room, we hit the street for some lunch and to figure out what to do with the rest of the day.  We caught some wonderful Thai food at one of the plethora of restaurants on the waterfront street.  While we were wondering around looking for a decent beach, we just happened to look into the water where we saw an island about a mile offshore.  It caught our eye because the white beach was visible from our shore.  So, we caught a longtail boat out there and ended up hanging out on this island all afternoon.  Come to find out it was called Koh Poda.  If you're staying on Ao Nang, I would definitely recommend hanging out at this spot, just bring your own beverages and snacks b/c this beach doesn't seem to have much in the way of facilities.

We made our way back to Ao Nang near sunset and after showering up and changing headed to La Casa for dinner.  This place was an Italian joint and served up some really good pizza.  One of the rest of our group finally arrived in town and met us at the restaurant.  From there, we wandered into an Irish pub, the name of which escapes me.  While there, two more of our group arrived in town and we met up with them as well.  After the bar, everybody but me and Brian (after about a 15 minute talk w/ his wife about how he didn't want to go home yet - gotta love the married life) went home while we went to one more bar.  After a bucket of vodka and soda water (bad combination by the way) and some long games of connect four with the ladies of the establishment, we headed home for some sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
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