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I remember counting the days until the day finally arrived for me to take the drive to Chicago to catch my flight to Cairo, Egypt. With only one stop in Milan, Italy. As I sat in the airport waiting for the plane to approach (which was quite a long time since I had arrived at the airport so early because of the excitement I had). When it finally did I think a thousand thoughts flooded my head. I have to admit, I was never nervous about where I was going but all of my friends, co workers and family had more reservation about me traveling alone to an arab country in the midst of post 9/11. I knew on the other end meeting me in Cairo was a very dear friend who was Egyptian. The flight to Milan was long but wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be. I was also lucky that my stop in Milan wasn't a long either and after about 3 hours, boarded again and was on my way to Cairo. I remember my first glimps of approaching Cairo was seeing pyramids on the ground. (A nice pilot tipping the wings side to side) Now you can imagine the thousand of thoughts that really started going through my mind. Although I was still not nervous at this point, at least not until I stepped off of the plane to a military man holding a machine gun. That was a little unnerving. I think sometimes we create more in our minds than really needs to be there. I made it through customs without a hitch and stepped outside the airport to my dear friend awaiting me. Our drive to the apartment I rented was the first time in my life that my heart and mind was open 100%. I remember looking at the buildings outside my car window and thinking, I am such a small piece of this earth. There is so much to our lives that people never even explore or get to experience.  My first stop was the Nile River. Now mind you, we have a whole lesson in history on the Nile River. So for me to be standing next to it was unreal in my mind. From there, every day became more wonderful than the next. There was so many things that I got to explore in Cairo thanks to my dear friend. To name a few, of course the pyramids, khan akalilah, old Cairo, the Cairo Zoo, the Citidel, the Cairo Tower, boating on the Nile, I know I am forgetting tons of names but hopefully when the pictures are there it will describe everywhere that touched me deeply. We also spent a few days in Sharm El Shiek.The Red Sea was amazing how clear the water was and how much color the fish had. Althought hotter than any place I have ever been. It was adjustable.(yes I was freezing at what I thought normal temp was when I returned to Chicago) It was very pretty and I enjoyed it very much. I would visit Egypt anytime and would recommend anyone to travel there if they have and opportunity. When I came back to the states, Egypt is definately embedded in my heart forever.
TravellingAuntie says:
Hey Dana, how many days did you spend in Cairo? and how many in Sharm? What did you do in Sharm? I've heard old Sharm is great, but I've also heard Sharm is kind of like Las Vegas - over developed and surreal. So I'm thinking of maybe spending more time in Dahab. Any comments welcome, I'm looking forward to my trip! Thanks, k
Posted on: Oct 07, 2009
nanie05 says:
HI Dana!
What an interesting read ..I wish I could go to Egypt - it seems so intriguing! I"ve heard that they have cruises on the River Nile. Did you manage to drink that drink made out of steeping dried red flowers (I think its called Kakadeh!)in water..tastes a bit like blackcurrant juice. Its really nice!
Posted on: May 06, 2009
travelman727 says:
Dana, your blog has got me even more excited about my visit there next year :-D
Posted on: Dec 03, 2007
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