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Saturday morning I set off in my rental car for a little quick adventure.  Got my upgraded car and off in the Picasso I went.  Yeah, only one small adjustment, it is very natural to head to the left side to get in and drive away.  I played it cool when I opened the left door, I just casually set me purse inside before walking to the other side ;-).  The driving was very simple, maybe it is living here for 2 months, but the driving seemed fine and natural, no issues there.  Had directions out of the city, and it was pretty quick and no time I was cruising along, music from my ipod playing and singing along.  It felt good to be driving.  I did realize about an hour into the drive I forgot Flirt, my bad.



In no time I was already to Birmingham and that is where my directions failed me and a little hour detour, I was back on track.  The roads and highways to the edge of Wales were very quick, but then once slow happened, it happened fast.  Flat England turns into hilly Wales and one lane roads take over and are twisty and curvy.  It reminded me of driving through Tuscany from small village to small village.  I decided to stop on the East edge of Snowdonia National Park for a late lunch in Llangollen.  Very lovely little village to stop in for a Ploughman and a pint of cider.

  By this point it was close to 3 and I decide to high tell it to the West Coast and see Caernarfon Castle.  Little did I realize but the roads only got slower, I stopped and took several pics as I winded my way through Snowdonia to arrive at the castle with 45 minutes left for it to be open and the place was pretty much all mine!  From there I headed down to the B&B I was booked in for the night (yes all these things were in the “1000 things to do before you die” book).


Arrived at the hotel just as they were starting dinner service.  So I hurried and changed and went down to enjoy a “traditional” Welsh meal.  So 4 courses and I skipped the fish course, the food was really lovely and tasty.  When it was desert time, they had listed out 4 options (cheese, flan, fritters, and sorbets).

  Well I was prepared to choose one, but apparently you got all.  The cheese was great, the flan thing yummy, and the fritter I just tried, when they asked what flavor sorbets I wanted, I had to stop them and say none, I know yummy homemade sorbets, but I just couldn’t.  So back in my room to check it out, apparently after noticing black specs on the bathroom sink, they have a bat problem said a little sign in the room.  Don’t worry it said, you probably wont see them, however they have Pipstrel and Leisler bats and they are protected and nothing you can do about it.  Nice thought to sleep on ;-)


I woke up early to get a good start on the day so I could go see the 2nd highest peak in the UK, Snowden Mtn (Legend has it that King Arthur’s Men lay resting on it).  Had to have my “traditional” Welsh breakfast before I left, yeah I did not even eat ½ of it.

  Wanted to be able to hike, not sleep more.  And I did eat ½ the black pudding, you know I don’t dislike, but I would not say I like it either, I sat there and pondered researching on the internet what exactly is in it, but you know, I think it might be one of those things it is better not to know what is in it, so when I am served it I will at least eat a little of it, if I find out what it is exactly, I might be rude and not touch it at all ;-).


I rushed over to the town of Llanberis to check out the hike.  There I learned that the 4 hr hike is more like a 7 hour hike, it was that misty almost rain out and the train that was the other option (train mostly up then hike back) was on weather hold ;-(.  So I bought the only trail book the gift store had and went off on a much smaller hike than I had planned, but it was good none the less.


So there is loads to do and see in Snowdonia, it is the land of a ton of steam trains, almost every town had one of some sort with a tour to go with it through the park.  The park is huge, tons of hiking, camping, MTB trails everywhere, dog friendly (Caryn that is for you) and of course great road riding to be had.  I can’t wait to go back, the people were so nice and it is the most outdoorsy place I have seen in the UK.

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