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Flirt at the beach
This weekend is what is referred to as a "Bank Holiday" weekend.  Just meaning we have Monday off, I have no idea what for specifically, but Monday is what we would call a holiday.  Work was crazy busy all week and I had no time to think about the weekend until Friday and yuck I realized I had no plans.  I quickly remedied that.

Emma from work suggested going to Brighton beach for the day. It is about 50 miles south of London and what is referred to as a "tacky" beach.  I met Emma at one of the train junctions Saturday and the trains were standing room only heading down to Brighton.  But the sun had come out and the weather was great.

So the day was "brilliant", sunny, warm and sooooo relaxing.  I felt like I was on a mini holiday.  The beaches around Britain are "pebble" beaches.  Well that is great that it is not sand IMHO, however, I think they were rocks not "pebbles".  Pebbles are small, some of these "pebbles" were the size of my fist.  So very different than any beach I have been to, but it is easier to where shoes on and you don't have sand in every nook and cranny when you leave, so I am all for "pebble" beaches.

The day was very basic, lay on a rented lounge, drink cold cider, eat lunch, lay on the lounge, drink more cold cider, and then hang out at a bar, listening to music and drinking Pimms and plenty of "girl talk".  Pimms a very summery British drink was my "British"
food of the day.  And I have to say, very nice, a pitcher of that on a sunny day is very refreshing.  I worked hard on getting some of my tan back, and yes some sun burn, but it was a great, relaxing day.

Cant wait to head back to Brighton, just need the sun!
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Flirt at the beach
Flirt at the beach
photo by: petit_gooroo