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Had a great week at home with a lot of activity.  Now I am back in London, but wanted to recap last week:


Friday 12 October

After a smooth flight home (no first class, business would have to do),  Caryn picked me up and we went down to Palo Alto to meet for dinner at Nolas.  Here is where I started to pop out pretty quickly.  But we had a fun dinner before we jumped back in the car and headed for our slumber party in Hollister.  As was a sleep pretty quickly upon arrival.


Saturday 13 October

Awe the big jump.  As far as tandem jumps go, there is not much preparation.  They kind of give you a 10 minute lecture on what to expect, suit you up and then up you go.  Since there were 6 of us and only 2 instructors, we went up in groups of two.  I immediately wanted to be in the first group to “get it over with”.  I had been so busy leading up to this with work, travel and excitement for the visit home, I really had not given myself too much time to fret over actually jumping.  But the nerves were kicking in and I figured it was best to go first rather than watch the others and really get nervous.  BJ and I were in the first group, got suited up and in the plane.  The small plane gets altitude very fast and when we were at 1800 ft it was show time.  I was attached to my instructor, we nudged our way to theopening, he said put your toes over the edge and look up.  All I was really thinking was “Breath Ally Breath”, we had been told that sometimes after someone jumps for the first time they can forget to breath, so I was concentrating on that and that only.  So looking up, I felt the instructor jump and out we summer-salted.


So the initial fall is not so scary, the ground is so far away that it does not feel like you are rushing to it, rather I looked around and at the horizon.  It was a perfectly clear day and you could see the coast line and Monterey.  Your mouth goes dry very fast from all the wind rushing at your face, and no you don’t get any bugs in your mouth ;-) (I had asked that question, lol).  My ears had issues equalizing, no one else had that issue, but they hurt pretty bad, we figured it was because I had flown the day before, who knows.  Once the parachute opened there was a bit of a frightening jerk, but then as you drifted down, that was the most peaceful experience ever, I loved it, it was so quiet.  The other tandem with BJ even got next to us so we could wave at each other and say hi.  My landing was a perfect walking landing and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Sunday 14 October

China Camp- yeah a group of us met up at China Camp for some fun mtbing.  It was pretty cold and the sun did not come out until we were finishing up our ride.  But after the ride we did the usual burritos in San Raffeal.   Awe it was the only Mexican food I had that week and so worth it…..


After the ride I headed out to Davis to see “the little ones”.  Boy what a difference 3 months can do.  Blake is too heavy to pick up now, Erica just keeps getting prettier and prettier and Tania, well she has completely changed since the last time I saw her and has really developed into a mini me (mini-Erica looks wise and mini-Blake devil wise).


The Week

While the “work week” meant un-fun things at AOL, everyone as usual was very professional and I am sure will do great in their next thing.


Personal wise during the week, I had a great time meeting friends for lunch, finally getting my hair cut and attending a couple of events.  Wednesday night was a snowpals event in the city at Sports Basement.  Jonny Moseley was speaking and telling “his” story.  After he was done Caryn and I got a pic taken with him ;-).  Friday night was the Campus Movie Fest where we saw 16 short college films.  Lots of fun during the week, totally busy, good dinners, visiting with good (great) friends and by the time my very delayed flight took off on Saturday I was already a sleep.  I was in deep sleep when they tried to wake me up for breakfast and I could not make it through Harry Potter.  I guess that is what the first class “beds” can do to you!

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