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View of the High Atlas Mountains

I had planned a tour of the Atlas Mountains and to a waterfall on Sunday.  The van picked up several guests from nearby hotels and off we went to the snow capped Mountains.  In my car there was another couple from CA (Lodi to be specific) and 2 guys from Manchester.  About 30 minutes into the ride the driver pulls over and tells us our agenda for the day.  Not exactly what I had envisioned.  We would stop several times on the way into the valley for photos, then a guided hike to two of the waterfalls (as a group) and then lunch.  Well the stops began and they were not very interesting photo stops.  The large group of Spaniards in our van were shoppers (and handing out 5 euro bills to the kids) thus we had people selling crap following our van waiting for us to stop for photos so they could pounce on us to but there stuff.

2nd Waterfall
  It really reminded me of Egypt and how the guides took you to there “commission” places for shopping!  Same thing, different country…….they get you!


The drive into the Ourika Valley was a pretty one, and once at the end we had a rocky hike to two waterfalls, apparently there are a total of 7 but you need all day to get to them all.  I thought I had booked an all day tour, but it was well after noon by the time we started our hike (after all our stops on the way) and thus we would only get to two and then lunch ;-)  Whatever.  It was a nice hike, we lost ½ the group after the first waterfall as they did not have the right shoes or balance to continue on.


After the hike we had a very long lunch in the valley.

  There were 3 cats about and they loved our left over chicken, they just went at it.  We took lots of pics of the kitten that could have fit in the palm of our hands had he let us actually touch him ;-)


After falling asleep on the drive back and a near miss accident, we all made it safely back to our hotels.  The couple from CA (Bill and Dona) was staying at mine so we hung out in the bars (yes there was more than one, all with live music) at our hotel and ate dinner together that evening.


I love the Moroccan food.  Very flavorful with so much cumin!  However Fri and Sat night I had such vivid dreams.  It was crazy how real and vivid they were and one was even pretty scary.  I mentioned it to Dona and she too was having vivid dreams, thankfully I am not crazy ;-).

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View of the High Atlas Mountains
View of the High Atlas Mountains
2nd Waterfall
2nd Waterfall
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