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Got up late but had plenty of time to shower and have two helpings of steamed dumplings from a place just by the hotel before going to a Tai Chi class.  The sauce was not too great, it was brought over as a mix of chili powder, soy sauce and vinegar.  Tomorrow I will ask for just soy sauce!

Tai Chi was interesting and quite good fun.  We learnt the first 5 steps of the first form.  There would be a lot more to learn if one were to take it forward!  I enjoyed it and may consider traying it properly when I return to the UK.

Took a wander through Yangshou, it really is a beautiful place, despite the number of tourists and the local KFC!!!  The towers of earth that surround the town are massive, and suitably impressive.  Pictures do not really capture them properly.  Later I bought a USB SD card reader (if you dont know what it it!) and uploaded the remainder of my photos.  True to form as I left the place I took some more photos...

Went for dinner at MC Blues again, had burittoes this time.  Asked for chicken, got beef, but then so did Nicola.  Went to the show afterwards, less of a light show (though there was some impressive light work) but it was truely brilliant.  I am really glad I went.  I bought the dvd of the show, so I can watch it again (though it wont be quite the same) and it comes with the music (two cds, one vocal the other instrumental).  

The best part was at the end, when about 300 girls in local traditional dress came on with loads of lights in their dresses.  It looked amazing...more kept appearing!  They then turned the lights on and off in sequence and moved about...was genius.  Also the bit with the girl running along a pivoting moon was good, as was the fact that people just seemed to appear out of nowhere!

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