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Well Katie and I had a pretty interesting weekend.

 I finally got to meet some of her co-workers on saturday, and then we woke up on Sunday and went to an International School fair, which was conviently at the Sony Center where we have been doing all our interneting.  I shook hands and passed out resumes.  There were only 4 schools their and most of them handed the resume back to me telling me to contact the Director.

While I was trying to sell myself to thickly accented german strangers, Katie was feeling saucie and ordered herself a martinie.  Coming back to the a bit discouraged my spirits were immediately boosted when I saw Katie writing e-mails and sipping her lemony fresh martinee.  I ordered a beer and we finished communications.

Starting to feel the relaxation settling in we decided to go eat tapas at this place we stumbled upon on friday.  We hopped off the U-bahn only to find the place closed.  Never fear, on strictly marketing merits, we picked a vietnamese restaurant.  The food was extraordinary.  Delicate yet layered with complex flavors of garlic, fennel, dill, cilantro, and a little heat.  Plus the seeming generic "Saigon Export" tasted like the best beer ever.

We bought some for the road and headed to Victoriaspark.  The trails are covered with foliage so they feel like tunnels.  Its about the hilliest area we've been to.  The trails miander through undulating hills and then open up to a section of grass, where hundreds of couples/families were laying out enjoying the balmy day.

Once the sun bagan falling, we walked Bergmanstrasse, which was the local of the other potential apartment.  This street is great.  Tons of hip restaurants, coffee cafes, and soap and sandwich joints.  Our apartment would have been at the quieter end of the street nestled across from a grave yard.  Not wanting the day to end and feeling a bit hungry, we stopped at "Lone Star"  a tex mex joint.  It was pretty good but not worth wasting verbage(thanks dad).  Two of Katies co-workers a couple from Canada live in the neighborhood, so we called them and met them for yet another drink.

Full and content with bed time nearing we walked ourselves to the u-bahn stop and nestled our selves in for a Sopranos episode(we are on the first season, I know a bit behind, but its fun catching up).

Gotta get job hunting, will write soon.

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photo by: CFD