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I am finally in my permanent room! I have a nice view outside my window and will have to upload some pictures. I think I may buy a cheap duvet cover because they gave everyone this generic blue plaid... which I have a feeling won't match the things I buy to decorate with. ;) Just a hunch! I moved my room around and am not sure if I am satisfied with it or not. I think I am. I just hate that my suitcases won't fit under my bed, so they are kind of cluttering the area. Oh well... It's not like I am planning to spend hours in my room. Once I have more decorations and have been able to make it into something cuter, I will put up pictures!

Hopefully I will be going to Ireland next week! Keep your fingers crossed. I think me and some friends are trying to put together a trip. It would be so awesome to go and spend a few days there!

I am in desperate need of doing laundry, but I am procrastinating. I think I will get it done tonight. I just hate having to go somewhere else to do my laundry. Blah... Either way, I am happy to be in my new place! I can't wait to make it a little more cozy.

I am off to Mumbles tonight to enjoy some fish and chips. That area is so cute! They have some neat shops, and I may have to hit it up again on Sunday to find some decorations.

Most of my roommates are American. In fact, all but one because we haven't found out who the last person is to move in. We were all a little bummed to find out, but I'm actually okay with it. Everyone has been a lot of fun and it's going to be a good experience! Our flat smells really weird, so hopefully we can find some air fresheners or something to fix that. Anyway, more updates to come later!
vvicy1 says:
Hello Katie! Hope you are enjoying Swansea, if you ever want to meet locals give me shout :) Vicy
Posted on: Mar 17, 2013
sylviandavid says:
Our daughter lived in the dorms in Ashland, Oregon: they all put their beds on blocks to store boxes under them... maybe that wld work for you. sylvia
Posted on: Oct 28, 2007
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