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    First and foremost, I made it to Wales safely! The trip was long. In order to make it to Wales on September 6th, I had to leave Atlanta at 3:00PM on September 5th. I flew into Chicago to later catch my lovely eight hour flight to London. I wish I could honestly say that my flight to London was lovely but it was far from it. I was the first to get on the plane from my row, set all of my stuff up and waited to see who my neighbors would be.    
    Let me just say that I was less than happy with my neighbor. I only say neighbor because the other one was fine... she was flying with her dad and was mostly preoccupied with him. However, this man (I would say he was in his late twenties or so) decided that he would make it his occupation to become my best friend. This would normally not bug me... except for the fact that he wanted to become quite personal. He gets on the plane and immediately starts asking me questions. He starts off asking about my nationality then proceeds to question about why his passport wasn't stamped when he left the states (he was from the UK).  You know, nothing too creepy but enough to make me think that my full eight hours would be forced conversation with this guy. (By the way, he wasn't that attractive either. I know you were wondering. So nothing was working out for me. Haha!) Anyway, he starts to ask where I am going (still not thinking anything of it aside from the fact that I would prefer to not be talking) and I tell him. He asks if I have ever been to the UK before and I say no. It was at this point he decides to ask if I had anyone waiting for me on the other side... and because I am an idiot, I told him no. "Would you like me to help you find your way to where you need to go? I can help you out!" Sure, doesn't sound too bad yet... Then he proceeds to tell me that he could come visit me in Wales. Um... How about no? I am starting to feel incredibly uncomfortable (the plane hasn't even taken off!!!), and I refrain from looking in his direction. This does not hinder the conversation though. He is no less determined. I told him I didn't need any help and ignored the comment about Wales. He asks if I want him to buy me anything from the duty free catalog and when I don't answer, he persists with it. I told him I didn't want anything. Don't worry... he's still not bothered by the fact that I don't want to talk to him!!! He asks about my parents jobs (at this point, I have already started lying about any further details... I don't want him to know about me), if I was going to work for them, etc. He continues to ask personal questions and I finally just say, "Why are you asking me so many personal questions?" He claims that he was trying to be my friend and instead says, "Here. Let me tell you about me! I will tell you all about me." I kindly refused the offer and told him I would like to relax.   
    If you thought the story ended here, you would be wrong. Talk about a miserable eight hour flight! He stopped talking to me (for the most part!), but I was entirely too uncomfortable to sleep or do much of anything. At the end of the flight, he tells me goodbye, says he could visit me the next time he is in America and possibly visit me in Wales. UGH!!! I lingered behind until he got off of the plane. I gathered my belongings, got off the plane, and guess who I see? He is walking SO slow, pretending to do something on his cell phone, and he continually looks behind him. (I was assuming he was looking for me.) Luckily, I FINALLY lost this creep when I got to customs. I think it was about the only time I was happy to be waiting for over an hour. He was long gone by the time I got out, and I had already found a nice American girl who had been to the UK to help me out (and make sure he wasn't around).
    So here is my advice to you! DON'T tell any personal details about yourself! You never know who you may meet.
sylviandavid says:
yikes.... that guy was overboard... You did a good call by starting to lie to him.... Sometimes you can change your seat... it seems with a creep like this it might have been a good idea.good blog. sylvia
Posted on: Oct 28, 2007
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